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Mars had large rivers for billions of years


Photos collected Mars River flowed rapidly and possibly saved as recently as a billion years ago, it reveals a survey found that the rivers of the red planet was larger than on Earth today.

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Chicago to catalog these rivers and found that a large flow of rivers is preserved on Mars later in its history than previously thought.

According to a study published in the journal Science Advances drain was intense and occurred in hundreds of places on the red planet.

These data indicate that the climate initiative deposition can occur on Mars, even at that time, the researchers believe that the planet loses its atmosphere and dried up.

This complicates the picture for scientists who are trying to simulate the ancient Martian climate, said lead author Edwin Kite, an assistant professor at the University of Chicago.

"It is difficult to explain to a river or lake, based on the information we have. This makes it a difficult task even more difficult, "he said.

But, Kite said that restrictions may be helpful in screening many theories that explain climate researchers suggested.

Poll image data using well-preserved Pale river channels of cones and Delta through Mars, and the river flow rate is calculated using different methods, including size analysis of river channels.

In river basins, which have most of the data of Mars River were approximately two times wider than the Earth.

Between 1 and 3.6 billion years ago, and probably after 1 Ga, it was intense in these flow channels, in the amount of from 3 to 20 kg per square meter every day.

Drains, appears to have been distributed throughout the world, and was not a short-term or localized to the & # 39; reality, researchers say.

If the dates for these massive rivers of sensible results would suggest that late stage of the Martian atmosphere disappeared faster than previously expected, or that there were other drivers rainfall in low atmosphere, the researchers noted.

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