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Meghan McCain reacts to being called a «B ** g" Internet After Fallout Joy Behar: "You feel like giving up"

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Joy Behar hit him from Meghan McCain on the issue on Monday with «The View», and report The Daily Mail It indicates things got even more heated by the camera when the segment ended.

During Monday segment "Hot Topics", the group discusses the death of former US President George H.W. Busch, who led Behar noted an interesting fact of his presidency: Bush signing the amendments to the Clean Air Act 1990, the law "one one of the most extensive environmental laws ever," said Behar, who continues to make an impact on the current occupant of the White House.

"This president, that we are now trying to unravel all that he did, and Obama has done, and if I ever become a matter of the voter is about pollution and the greenhouse effect …" added Behar before McCain interrupted .

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"Can we focus on the president, please? I do not want to talk about the Trump, we have a large non-payment of the president, "McCain interrupted.

"Excuse me for a second, please. I want to talk about … "Behar fired back, only to McCain interrupted again. "We have a large non-payment of a president who was, and I'm not interested in your poll question," she quipped.

"I do not care that you're interested in," Behar blown back. "I say!"

McCain again interrupted. "Well, I do not care what you are interested in any, Joy!" Shot her back to the moderator of the Whoopi Goldberg fast cutting short segment and throwing advertising.

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In accordance with mailWhile the show has been in the commercial, Behar reportedly hit her crib on the table advertising threw his hands in the air, shouting, "Oh, my God! Get this b *** h under control. If this s ** t do not stop Giving up the damn show. I can not take this much more. "

mail It reports that manufacturers began scurrying to the scene in an attempt to defuse the situation Behar went on talking. "I suffered a lot of sh ** t on this show, but I'm at the end of my confusion with this f *** g titled," she reportedly said. "Enough already! It will be enough! I do not play well over".

"Everyone was in a rage," the source said mail"The last thing they wanted to Joy, to go on the show. She's done it before. Remember the situation Bill O & # 39; Reilly? She & # 39 appeared just as disgusted as she did that day, and they only had two minutes to keep the explosion on the set and get everything positioned to come back the next live segment. It was complete chaos on the set ".

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When the show was over, reports mail, "No woman talking to each other, and the producers and network executives met with them individually in the locker room."

Added the source: "This is not the last you've seen two coming to blows. You can trust and believe that. "

In the aftermath of a heated debate, people have taken online where Bear stopped and started calling McCain «B ** h." McCain shared, how it affected her when discussing Pete Davidson response to the negative impact on Thursday's episode «The View».

"I think it's different if you're someone like Pete Davidson or someone like us, this is not the only social media," she said. «Google me right now, there are articles written about me in the last few days, a huge b ** h me, how badly I was negative and stuff I brought to the show. It's real, it's not just social media, it is the mass media as well. "

"I think that sometimes it is difficult when you come to such a dark place, where you feel that the whole world hates you so much, I think sometimes you just feel like a failure if you do the kind of work we do , "she continued," But you have to pull yourself up, you have to have support around you. "

In conclusion, I know what it's like to be hated in the same way, Pete Davidson does, "she added. "I'm not asking for sympathy, but I felt extreme sympathy for his position."

Davidson turned to his hate in raw Instagram post on Monday. "No matter how strong the Internet, or someone is trying to get me to kill myself, I will not," he wrote. "For all those who hold me down and seeing it for what it is – I can see you, and I love you. "

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