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Monarch butterflies headed for extinction / Boing Boing

As a child in the 70s, watching the annual migration of the Monarch butterfly in Californa was a thing to see. Not so much anymore.

On KTLA 5 in Los Angeles:

Researchers with the environmental group were designated as "low exciting" number of Western monarch butterflies that migrate along the coast of California.

A recent count of using Xerces Society is recorded less than 30,000 butterflies that he said this fall 86 percent in 2017.

For comparison, the group in 1981, there were more than 1 million western monarchs overwintering in California, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Xerces Society holds an annual count of Thanksgiving and the New Year, and was not sure what caused the drop in the number. He said that there is no substantial evidence of delayed migration and butterflies are not reported in other parts of the country.

2017 study at the University of Washington researchers found that the species is likely to become extinct in the next few decades if nothing is done to save it.

Scientists say that the butterfly face of pesticides, herbicides and destruction along their migration routes. They also noted the impact of climate change.

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