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NASA Captured star in deep space


Space light show was captured by astronomers, which sparkled from the process of star formation, which is almost 17 thousand light years. To do this, the researchers used a telescope on board the airliner.

Finds useful for researchers to find out how a massive star in the Milky Way galaxy, because they can also understand the formation of stars, which are located in distant galaxies, and can not be seen in detail because of the distance. According to US press release space agency NASA on Friday, astronomers have discovered a massive star soon after they are born with powerful zoom and sensitive detectors of infrared camera for the SOFIA Telescope.

Scientists at the University Space Research Association in the Scientific Center of Sofia, Wanggi Lim, said that at present, it is the best solution available, if the wavelengths of infrared light waves is used.

NASA Captured star in deep space

"This is not only to identify the areas that we could not see before, but it is very important for the understanding of the physical properties and the relative age of the stars and their parent cloud," said Lim.

W51 is made mostly of hydrogen and a giant cloud of heaven, where huge and few stars are formed on the basis of information provided by NASA. Creating a combination between Sofia and other data observatories, NASA, scientists have discovered a star that has a large size, its mass is equivalent to 100 suns.

Researchers know that this is one huge star and multiple star siblings grouped together, but future observations should confirm it. If this happens, the star will receive the title of one of the most massive in our galaxy. Stratospheric observatory for infrared astronomy, Sofia, is a Boeing 747 airliner, endured some modifications for performing diameter telescope with a 106-inch screen.

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