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NHL with the collapse of public relations at the failure of the call at the last ambush McDavid

This is, a barrage of harsh criticism of the National Hockey League referee Kyle Rahman for his lack of a call to Hampus Lindholm Anaheim Ducks after Lindholm recheck Edmonton Oilers forward McDavid in the back of the board.

Radio announcer Bob Stauffer Oilers organization: "It is inconvenient for the National Hockey League and once again reinforces why NHL is considered as the 2nd speed in the United States, where they protect the stars in the NBA and the QB-x in the NFL!"

Marc Spector Sportsnet: "It does not matter who the player, a star, or 4th liner. It's hard to explain how ELI NHL looks at this game, and believes that this is normal. Dangerous Games in the danger zone. Not good look at the NHL refereeing ".

Rob Tychkowski @Rob_Tychkowski with Postmedia: "Right in the figures. The face of the first board. Like a bad referee, you must be looking right at it and usually it's a good punch? They … @NHL referee, and not the judge of the Supreme Court. It should not be too much to ask that some of them will be held accountable for the way they suck. "

Oilers blogger Heather Marginet in response to Tychkowski: "Yes, his name is Kyle Rehman @NHL official # 10, which is mostly ignored the dangerous attack that could broke the neck McDavid in ".

Terry Jones @byterryjones: "I Never was the guy to shout Ref. Over the years, I have spent many evenings that n & # 39; are with them. But how much of these data, you need to see, to ask what was going on, when it comes to McDavid? Knee chops last night in L.A well ".

Jonathan Willis Athletic: "I hate to complain about this stuff, but the NHL has to call him. Enforcers and the team hardness and response do not prevent it. The only thing that can in refereeing ".

Ryan Jespersen Chad radio: "This is unacceptable against any player in any league, not to mention the best player in the world. @NHL does not protect their stars, period. ?? »

Dustin Nilsson @nielsonTSN1260: "As you can see it is not called. Pathetic refereeing ".

Ray Ferraro TSN: "But here's the real thing with this game for me. He gets a lot of attention, as it should, because it includes McDavid. But every player deserves the best of the league and the officials in this dangerous game. Fine every time! The most dangerous area on the ice. "

Ryan Rishog TSN: "It was ten times more dangerous than anything that has happened to McDavid in Los Angeles, it could be bad. These are the ones that do not require a lot of resonance, regardless of the situation. This can not happen without significant Ruckus some kind below.

DartGuy @LeafsMaz20: "The back elbow from Doughty last night, and it is today, I'm not even a supporter of oil and I'm annoyed 1) where Milan Lukic, you can not get more, you better stand up for his teammates 2), if the NHL players' safety is going to start to defend game star? "

is my opinion

  1. This time indignation fouling McDavid has a different quality. It's not just Oilers fans and bloggers, as Bruce McCurdy and me from the Cult of hockey, and it's not just a radio announcer Bob Stauffer, who works for the Oilers. It comes from the iconic as Darth Leafs fan Guy. It is the dominant voice, Jones and Spector. They rarely complain about the refereeing games. It is also respected voice as Ray Ferraro TSN struck. This last is not called on dirty and dangerous foul against McDavid by NHL referees Rehman and Jake Brenik is clearly in a different category indignation. This public attitude bummer for the National Hockey League.
  2. Why so much anger? After McDavid constantly dirty and judges are constantly released violations against him. About this in detail in a video game in November against the Los Angeles Kings, where two or three obvious fouls were not called on McDavid. I suspect that the noise here has reached a new level, because a) the video shows Rehman referee obviously watching the game and do not cause anything, and b) can be McDavid sur & # 39; ozna injured.
  3. Rahman was a clear site line saw McDavid recheck get back at the board, but was firmly called a penalty. This is from the veteran NHL official who draws his 640 NHL games. In its defense, the n & # 39; plays happen quickly and McDavid initiated the contact, before he got cross-checked. But contact McDavid is not dangerous and was a typical protection puck NHL style, while cross-checking Lindholm could easily have resulted in serious injury. We all make mistakes now and then, we all get something wrong, and this is just one example of the NHL referee get it wrong with McDavid. Rehman currently allocated here, but he's not the only one NHL O blown such a challenge, because Rishaug and Ferrara show.
  4. The incident took place three weeks after the Oilers coach Ken Hitchcock blown NHL referee for their McDavid processing after the player repeatedly clogged Sun calls in a game against the Vancouver Canucks, Oilers 4-2 loss. Then a reporter asked Tychkowski Hitchcock, he thought, the coach: "The things that really worries me is what happens to Connor, and it really bothers me, because we are the league, which should show our best players and you do not want to give them complete freedom, but the tug of war was totally inappropriate to him today …. And it's a little discouraging to be honest with you. Because I can see whackin & # 39; and break-ins going on when he got the puck, but for me it's all the things for which you do not allow him to show his speed. And if this is what we want, well, that's fine. But I think this is a real disservice to the player as he .. He has no right to play a give and go. This give-and-hold. Thus, we will have to figure out a way to fight through it. We just play with the slope it and understand it from there. "
  5. It will no doubt be some relief in the TSN Gord Miller, that the current complaints arise after the Oilers victory. Following the outbreak of Vancouver Hitchcock, which I then wrote about in The Cult, Miller said, "I'd like to hear it (kind complaint_ after winning … It's always after a loss It is always when things are not to the & # 39 .. are happening so as you want. Stop it! judge not intentionally ignoring McDavid. "
  6. If the refs do not think cross-check on board was fine, how about Lindholm obviously capture rigid stick McDavid after he cut down a player? Just awful work refam here. Terrible.

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