Tuesday , March 31 2020
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Nipsey Hussle Mural Restored after Defaced


Only one day after news spread that in Hartford, Connecticut. Nipsey Hussle fresco has been ruinedThe image has been restored to its original state.

On Sunday (28 April), a local teacher and a rapper by the name of Joe Batts came to repair the damage, Fox 61 report. "It was erased yesterday," said Hartford Bats local branch Fox damaged Nipsey Hussle tribute. "A few people got word of it and I just thought it was better to fix it."

Vandal has since been identified on the Internet as Caitlin Renee, although it is unclear why she decided to spoil the picture, which was erected shortly after Nipsey passage in Video March 31 emerged Reni painting green outline of the penis and SK letters on the wall before the damage poses for seogo video.

Several people were in place as Rene damaged frescoes, but it has not been terminated or encounter. According to Fox | that Hartford police have confirmed that the skate / graffiti park does not have any rules regarding pre-existing coverage of graffiti and / or frescoes, so no charges will be pressed.

The Facebook message Slates share updated fresco and added the title, "I added my own personal message. Marathon continues. "

You can see the mural for yourself below.

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