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Nobody wants inch thick smartphone in Energizer


Energizer brand "in the world's longest-running smartphone" managed to attract only one per cent of their funding on Indiegogo. Obviously, no one wants a phone that fat in your pocket.

Energizer P18K smartphone Avenir Telecom

Smartphone manufacturers continue to insist on a thin tube, although most consumers are probably quite happy with how thin they already have. Nevertheless, inch thick Energizer Power Max P18K Pop smartphone proves that none of us wants to phones very thick.

How Facets reports back at the MWC 2019 in Barcelona February, much attention has been received on the Energizer branded smartphone P18K proposed Avenir Telecom. The reason for the interest is due to how thick the phone was coming to 22mm thick it's almost an inch.

Although funny thickness was true, as sports P18K 18,000mAh battery inside. He held the promise of 90 hours of calls, listen to 100 hours of music, or watching a video in two days before recharging is required. In addition, two times as very capable food bank while technically still reckon as the handheld device.

Although the phone was very popular when I first suggested that popularity does not turn into cold hard cash for the Crowdfunding campaign launched to fund it. Avenir Telecom asked for $ 1200000 on Indiegogo, with earlier promises to ensure the birds P18K only $ 549. Unfortunately, only 11 people supported the campaign is only one per cent ($ 15,005) from the $ 1.2 million goal has been achieved.

P18K Therefore, dead in the water, but Telecom Avenir can not be recommended. The amount of attention received a phone indicates that the potential market for phones with large batteries, but it is clear that this has gone too far. Maybe if they had opted for a 9,000mAh battery and reduce the thickness of up to half an inch would not be the most interesting?

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