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North Hollywood may be better suited for the actors than the Hollywood


With such a large number of film projects in the works in the BC, some of the actors chosen Hollywood to the north over the real Hollywood.

This is the peak season for the industry Metro Vancouver. Dozens of television pilots, series and films, full-length shot in the area during the spring and summer.

Tyman Stewart, President Talent Agency Symbols, he said, starting to see more actors depicted in Vancouver to start your car & # 39; career.

"We are just above Los Angeles," said Stewart. "The opportunities that we have here is exponentially higher than in Toronto, in O & # 39; the United Kingdom or New York, because we are directly over the center of how this business works."

The convenient location of Vancouver and the widespread use of technology, which allows the actors to send an audition recording from anywhere made it so the actors do not have to go to the memo on the ground work, according to Stewart.

Actor Yevgeny Mundowa (left) said that Vancouver is the best for him as an artist than LA (Coleman Williams)

Actor Yevgeny Mundowa with & # 39 is one of the new arrivals of Hollywood North. Although Mundowa American, he decided to Vancouver it was the best for him.

"Vancouver from the & # 39 is a strategic opportunity for me, because it is less crowded than L.A,» said Mundowa.

He says that it is easy to work with graduates of film schools and videographers in Vancouver.

Job prospects of participants in BC

Montreal-born actor Patrick Sabongi had roles in the film hits such as 300 and TV program fatherlandWhile he was living in LA, Vancouver provided more stability for his family & # 39; and.

Sabongui got his big break as captain David Singh shot a series of Vancouver flashBut it is not so easy.

"It happened once to me … I think that, as a Canadian in the US shows it's very rare to end up on the show for that long," said Sabongui.

Sunny Chen actress and model that works on its own web series, Open ethnicity. (Photo courtesy of Sunny Chen)

Sunny Chan with & # 39 is a plan-and the closest actor Vancouver base. It produces, directs and stars in his own web series open EthnicityDespite the fact that it says that there is a problem finding consistent work in the local film industry, Chen keeps himself afloat with lots of concerts.

"I am a singer and songwriter. I write scripts Music Videos. I work part-time at Sunglass Hut. I just can not keep up with the noise, "said Chen.

Committing to Vancouver

Vancouver film scene tends to rise when the Canadian dollar is low and there are tax incentives for manufacturing companies to use.

This lack of stability can be a cause for concern actors. But Sabongui insists actors can not rely on foreign production companies for all their work.

"We can not wait for other industrial enterprises outside the city, outside the country to come and establish the industry for us," said Sabongui.

"We either have to create a job for yourself … or we have to be mobile and ready to enter the room where the room is."

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