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OPP officer feels "the courage to say," as a province on the & # 39; presents a probe into Force culture


Many employees feel the Ontario Provincial Police proven and hope after the province announced the launch of an external examination of culture in the workplace on the second largest Canadian police.

The tour follows an investigation by the controllers The fifth Estate It showed that 13 officers were killed in a suicide in 2012.

CBC The study also found that dozens of police officers complained of bullying and harassment in the SCR for many years.

The survey, which was first announced on Monday, is expected to begin in May.

"I think this is great news. This is a positive step in the right direction, "said recently retired OPP officer Robin Moore.

Moore told his story publicly for the first time Fifth power, saying that he had been harassed by senior officers after turning in her boss for interfering in the investigation.

"I would like to see people held responsible. I would like to see a lot of people come forward and bring their stories back and be able to tell them, and get help.

Moore, Garry Pooler notes about the & # 39; reality.

He also told his story The fifth Estate, Revealing he filed six complaints of human rights violations against OPZA on his car & # 39; eray, all of which have been resolved in his favor.

"It's about time," said Pooler in a letter on Monday, referring to the external examination. He is a member of an HMO, is currently on sick leave.

Gary Pooler filed several complaints of human rights violations against HMOs – and all of them were resolved in his favor (Jonathan Stanton)

"I'm the courage to talk to the attorney general's panel about anything, no holds barred."

Th investigation The fifth Estate also showed OPP failed to implement a program for the prevention of suicide, despite the Ombudsman of Ontario for recommendations in 2012.

WATCH | Mark Kelly following the investigation HMO workplace culture

After investigating Fifth Estate, the Ontario government on the & # 39; sweeping review has identified problems is in the Ontario Provincial Police. It comes after a series of suicides of active and retired officers of the OPP, which some say was triggered by a culture of bullying and harassment. 2:01

Josh deBack was one of three ORROV officers killed in suicide within one month in the past Sumer.

In an exclusive interview with & # 39; w The Fifth Estate, his wife nod directly to the SCR.

"I 100 percent believe that he died because of his work, but also because of the way he was treated there, and neglected," said Loan deBock.

OPP will not respond to questions about suicide deBock, as it is considered separately from the police.

According to a press release of suicides that took place last summer with the & # 39 are part of the reason for the review. It will be held in three people of an independent group that will report to the Deputy Prosecutor General of the province, with the expected results to September.

"We will listen"

Current and former members of the OPP are encouraged to contact the panel to share their stories.

"People need to be confident that when they share their stories if they share something that did not happen, that we will act," Deputy Minister of Justice of Ontario, Sylvia Jones said in an interview with & # 39; S.

"I just want to convince people that if you come forward, we will listen and we are actively involved in creating it better."

In March, the government appointed Thomas Carrique as Commissioner to head the OPP. In a statement, Carrique said he welcomed the news of the probe.

"HMOs provide our full support to the panel how they spend their opinions and make recommendations to improve the working lives of our forms and civilian members."

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