Friday , December 4 2020

Ottawa describes the new air passenger bill of rights

Canadian travelers who stumbled on the flight because of excess or delayed are struggling with the loss of luggage will soon see stricter compensation rules

Transport Minister Marc Garneau to present the first version of the long-awaited air passenger bill of rights later this morning. Details will be published in the Canada Gazette, and Canadians are encouraged to submit their comments.

Garneau will make a statement at 11:00 ET, and CBC will carry it live.

Regulation will consolidate the compensation scheme in the law for people whose flights are delayed or postponed, or when an airline loses your luggage.

Garneau's office said passengers will be entitled to compensation if the reason for the delay with the & # 39 is the responsibility of the company, including mechanical problems and overbooking – but if the weather & # 39; e are connected.

"Buying a plane ticket a big investment for most Canadians. It is important to ensure that the rules are there to ensure the best experience for them, "said a spokesman for Garneau, dolphins Denis.

The bill will also include rules that allow parents sit with their children, without having to pay a fee.

Denis said that the compensation system will be based on the delay time, which means more compensation, the longer the flight of people detained.

These rules will be adapted in accordance with the airline's size, she added.

Parliament passed a bill C-49, which allows rules for passenger rights at the beginning of this year, but it fell to the Canadian Transportation to develop specifics about how the compensation will work.

There are already some rules in place for airlines to compensate passengers who are bumped or whose luggage is lost, but each airline may establish their own rules and compensation packages.

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