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"Plans for new US plant» Fiat Chrysler

In this file photo, taken August 21, 2017 in Turin auto dealer shows Jeep logo, the brand Fiat Chrysler cars (FCA).copyright image
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Fiat Chrysler, Jeep lineup drove sales growth in the US

Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), reportedly plans to open an assembly plant in Detroit.

According to US media, the plant will start to produce its Jeep sports utility vehicles (SUV) in 2020, and create up to 400 jobs.

US Italian automaker has not confirmed plans.

However, the company previously said it wants to increase the production of trucks and SUVs, which enjoy strong sales in the United States.

If this is true, the plans will be a rare internal expansion of American car companies in an industry where competitors are cutting production.

FCA intends to reopen the engine plant that was mothballed in 2012 as an assembly plant of the vehicle, the report says.

Overall, Fiat Chrysler's US sales rose by 8% this year, with the stimulated his Jeep line.

Gains come despite relatively flat sales in general industry, which saw sales peak in 2016.

General Motors last month cited slowing demand, when it announced plans to stop production at five plants in North America, including four in the United States.

The move, part of a broader overhaul of business are likely to lead to the loss of over 14,000 jobs, has drawn sharp criticism from politicians.

He was also a blow to US President Donald Trump, who made animates Automotive priority for his administration.

Ford also announced restructuring plans, although it is not shown to reduce jobs.

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