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Pluto may freeze and disappear by 2030, according to new research


There is some bad news for Pluto. Unfortunately, Pluto's status was changed in 2006 from a planet to a dwarf planet because of its size. Now that Pluto has a "big problem." Astronomers conducted new research into the planet's atmosphere. They used the ground star shading technique, which gave information about the density, pressure, its temperature atmosphere. What is the shading and what is happening to the planet? Well, in general, the study found that Pluto may freeze and disappear by 2030.

Measurement methods and shading effects

shading technique was made possible when the other of the & # 39; an object, like a planet, or even a month, blocks the light that comes on another planet, such as Earth from the distant star like our Sun. This causes a solar eclipse.

Based on this idea, the astronomers reconstructed the seasonal pattern of Pluto to find out what happens when a planet does not receive sunlight. This is a time when the problems begin. When Pluto is far away from the sun and in the winter mode, the nitrogen from the atmosphere it freezes. Fun fact that Pluto itself is no more than a warm atmosphere.

Planet has a temperature in the range of minus 228 to minus 238 degrees Celsius. These temperatures are cold enough even for nitrogen, and it's all frozen.

Pluto may freeze and disappear by 2030

In addition, the alarming discovery is that by 2030, the atmosphere is cold. If this happens, then all will disappear. This will be due to changes in atmospheric pressure. The pressure has increased in the last thirty years has tripled. This fact lead to Pluto and its atmosphere to condense until there is nothing left.

Finally, it can be a sad story of Pluto and its surface will look different. If everything happens as astronomers have discovered, we see that the planet is brighter in the sky, because of frozen nitrogen, the light will be displayed.

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