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Prince Charles refused to break this rule for Prince William and Kate Middleton in 5 years


It is hard to imagine a time when Kate Middleton was not part of the royal family & # 39; and. In the years after the 2011 wedding of Prince William, Kate has become a fixture in the Royal Rumble and events, and we look forward to seeing her smiling face along with the rest of the family & # 39; and. She and William have been together since their college days at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

They dated for quite some time before Kate got this iconic sapphire ring, and at one point, the media even dubbed her «Waity Katy", as it was so patiently waiting for offers. Although the couple was obviously very suras & # 39; ozna, even before the last engagement, which rule was Prince Charles to give a break for five years?

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A Royal Affair began all the way back in 2001, when William and Kate were young students navigating their way through college. Many people do not realize that when they first met, Kate was actually dating someone else, and she and the prince was nothing more than friends.

It was not long before William evil is not paid a large sum of money to sit front and center as he looked at Kate to walk down the catwalk in a fashion show, wearing a very sheer dress. Shortly thereafter, the two announced they were officially dating.

The slow introduction to the royal family & # 39; and

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The Duke and Duchess celebrated St. Patrick's Day at the base of the first battalion in the cavalry barracks in Hounslow, where they handed out the clover in the Irish Guards. St. Patrick's Day with a & # 39 is an Irish national holiday celebrating the patron saint of Ireland, and is observed with tips and festivals around the world. Each year, a member of the royal family & # 39; and – usually a woman – Clover distributes in the Irish Guards, Queen Alexandra tradition began in 1901, except in time of war. Elizabeth II with & # 39 is Colonel-in-Chief of the Irish Guards, and the Duke was a colonel of the Irish Guards since 2011 Duchess of Cambridge currently holds the responsibility of presenting a shamrock. In front of her, Princess Anne and the Queen Mother held this responsibility. Shamrocks were seen as a symbol of St. Patrick, who will use the clover to explain the Holy Trinity, where three sheets is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They also symbolize love, faith and hope, with the fourth leaf symbolizes good luck. A minute of silence for victims of terrorist attacks happened in New Zealand before the parade. The Duke and Duchess met with Domhnall today, Irish Wolfhound mascot and they have met several times before the event. He led 350 soldiers as they walked to the parade square in the cavalry barracks. The Duchess then presented clover officers and warrant officers, before the march, where the Duke takes the salute. The pair then attended a lunch guard, where they were given to drink Guinness.

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In just a few months, Kate slowly introduced in different member of the family & # 39; and William. She began to attend important events with them and was often seen side of William while royal battles.

Although it took some time before Kate became a permanent member in the family & # 39; and, instead of meeting with the Queen for more than seven years, it seems that it was all well worth it, as they are used perfectly with she is now. Duchess fits perfectly in persons, and it has a close relationship with Prince Harry, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, and, of course, Queen Elizabeth.

What rule was Prince Charles refuses to break down?

It turns out that, although the royal family & # 39; I was adapting to modern ways in recent years, there is another old-fashioned rule that Prince Charles adheres. In the first five years of their relationship, Charles would not allow William and Kate to stay in the same room when they visited his house.

Husband and wife were to respect the wishes of Charles, staying in separate rooms of the house, when they visited, as they are not yet engaged.

What royal tradition dictates?

According to royal rule book, the couple do not live together before they became engaged. William and Kate, apparently violated this rule while in college when they were roommates for over a year.

Despite the fact that they never publicly talked about how they shared in the bedroom or just a common space in the apartment during this time, we can only assume that they do as they please, because there was no parental control.

At William and Kate to respect the beliefs of Prince Charles?

Of course, they do! Being a royal does not mean that someone is exempt from the rules to obey their parents. Prince Charles may be next in line to be King of England, but he is a father before anything else. It is natural that there are certain things that he would expect that his sons do, especially at a young age.

We must remember that at this point, William and Kate still quite young, and Charles might have their reservations about the violation of the rules for them. Nevertheless, it is a known fact that everything is working fine in the end, so that William and Kate probably did not even give a second thought of the situation.

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