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PS5 Press Release: PlayStation 5 "leak" does not go down well with fans | game | entertainment


PlayStation fans have given a look at what PS5 DualShock 5 might look like this.

Leaked images of alleged PS5 controller was taken on account of Ray Sekiro Twitter.

Image – which can be seen below – has a new design with a touch screen on the front panel.

Fortunately, it is almost certainly a fake, because this alleged DualShock 5 did not go down too well with the fans.

While the touch screen on the front panel with the & # 39 is a good idea, some Twitter users claim that this can be a huge drain the battery.

Others believe that the controller is not nice to look too blocky, while some think that it looks awkward to hold.

Some of them even unfavorable compared it with the controller Xbox One.

In any case, Sony has to officially announce PS5 later this year.

According to recent reports, the Sony will hold a small PS5 found in the middle of 2019, before the console demonstration in full & # 39; in the case of volume PlayStation Experience (PSX) return.

In addition, he noted that most of the studios are in the possession of sets PS5 Dev, who is described as a monster.

This, of course, explain why Sony dropped out of this year's E3 and PlayStation Experience event will take place.

If the console is open this year, the 2019 release date can not be considered, although the start of 2020 seems more likely.

Whatever happens, Sony, might want to announce PS5 quickly, especially with the PS4 sales start to slow down.

Earlier in 2019 it was discovered that every year the PS4 sales fell by nearly a million.

Asymmetric Advisors analyst Amir Anvarzadeh believes that the decline in sales and operating profit signals the end of the PS4.

"There is a downside, as we believe that the slowdown in the games section of the signal is very likely to start PS5 for the next fiscal year and the resulting costs that come with the launch of the new platform," he told Bloomberg.

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