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Researchers took unencrypted frame an accident, personal data from the model 3


Tesla cars carry a real treasury of unencrypted personal data – data is available for those who know how to get it, even if the car is destroyed.

In accordance with CNBC report, two researchers, who call themselves "white hackers" managed to get an unencrypted location, camera and other data from the broken Tesla Model 3.

Unfortunately, this is not a & # 39 is a problem only for Tesla and the report stands as a reminder of cars that new cars can pose a significant security threat when they are sold or components.

Researchers say they have purchased Model-destroyed at the end of 2018. They were able to gain access to the car's computer and reveal information. Much of this came from other devices – construction company owns a car, and several different employees, probably forced him and joined their phones, synchronizing the data in the vehicle computer.

The researchers found 11 driver or a passenger, full phone book with numbers, email addresses, and calendar entries. In addition, researchers can access the latest 73 sites entered in the navigation system of the car.

In addition, the car's computer was also footage from the cameras in the model 3, including for the purpose of forward-facing crash that totaled the car and the previous crash, which was not so sur & # 39; serious.

It is not isolated in the model or 3. One of the researchers said, CNBC that he found similar data on other vehicles Tesla, including the Model S, X model and other models 3s.

common problem

Many new cars have similar data storage challenges. Tesla cars tend to collect more data with additional sensors and cameras used by functions such as the autopilot, but there are many other, more suras & # 39; oznyh problems.

On the one hand, face reported in May last year, the former owner of the Volkswagen can still gain access to the location of its Jetta months after the sale of the car.

The problem also affects the rental vehicle. CNBC He noted in his report that the Federal Trade Commission USA (FTC) recommends that users be careful with their information when renting. Connect your smartphone to your car can leave a significant mark on the back of digital.

Automobile manufacturers seek to shift the burden of consumer privacy. In the case of Jetta, Volkswagen owner holds the customer's responsibility to erase your data to sell, even if it is for sale at the dealership. In other words, users should refer to cars as a smartphone and destroy it before you sell it.

Most new vehicles do include an option to wipe and factory reset of the computers used to power the entertainment and navigation systems. However, users can not access this option.

In such cases, as in the model 3 CNBC They said drivers probably are not worried about the factory resets their car after a collision. Worse, the suras & # 39; major disruptions can result in damage to the car screen, making it impossible for the factory reset it without any additional equipment.

Ultimately, it is a problem that needs more than just clients, related to it. Automakers and regulators must be aware of the problem and think about how to protect the data stored on the vehicles.

Source: CNBC Via: The Verge

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