Wednesday , December 2 2020

Saudi arms deal: the supplier says the work of many employees at risk in the event of cancellation

Influence canceled a contract to supply Saudi Arabia with the London-built military vehicles will also be deeply felt in the hundreds of suppliers who feed on General Dynamics and Plant Oxford Street East.

Armatec Survivabilty in London supplying the majority of seats in the armor GDLS Canada is going to the Middle East, and a "significant number" of its employees will lose their jobs if it is canceled, said Rod Flick, development manager Armatec business.

"We're putting in these vehicles. This will have a big impact, "said Flick, adding that currently employs just over 100.

GDLS says that its suppliers across the country – including 240 in the London area alone – 13,500 people work directly or indirectly.

Armatec plant in Dorchester (Free Press file photo)

"There are other ways Canada can exert pressure than cancel it. Syria would just go and buy vehicles from somewhere else, "Flick said.

Flick will be in Ottawa this week pressing Global Affairs Canada does not cancel the transaction, he added.

Flick also met with several MPs and MPPs, doing business in order to protect the agreement.

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