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Scientists decode painless life of 71-year-old woman


Imagine getting burns from fires, broken bones from falls and cuts in the kitchen, but I never felt any pain. Iron man or woman can be?

Scottish woman Jo Cameron, 71, is actually in real life "iron woman", who never had to take painkillers after seeing the dentist and great with food harsh Scotch Bonnet Chilis.

Cameron had never noticed any significant difference between yourself from others while she tried not to treat hip problems at the age of 65 years, the country, it does not feel any pain, in spite of the severe degeneration in its joint.

The doctors were amazed again when a year later, she said that she did not feel any pain after suffering that is usually very painful operation on her hand osteoarthritis.

Its inadequate pain sensitivity has prompted researchers to seek answers from genetics and found that it was a rare genetic mutation in a previously unidentified gene called FAAH-OUT, who took pity on her pain and anxiety, according to a recent research report jointly led by University College London and published in the British journal of anesthesia.

The researchers also found that in addition to not feeling pain physically, Cameron free from "pain" emotionally, there seemed to be some heartbreaking moments in her life.

Optimist, she scored the lowest on the scale of a common questionnaire and said that never in the general panic even dangerous scenarios.

The researchers predict that this is possible, there are more people with the same mutation, given that Cameron did not know about her condition until her 60s.

It is hoped that the discovery may help guide new treatments for several conditions, from post-operative anxiety and fear of pain.

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