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Scientists have discovered a galaxy with almost no dark matter


A team of researchers led by Yale University doubling in its early presence in the galaxy, which has only a small amount of dark matter. The original study was published by researchers in the past year, in 2018, and belongs to the galaxy NGC one thousand and fifty-two-DF2 – DF2 for short – is a & # 39 is the first galaxy known to contain almost no dark matter or nothing at all.

He has shown that dark matter must not always be associated with the traditional question of the find was significant in the galactic scale. There are several theories that say that the dark matter with a & # 39; is the manifestation of the laws of gravity on the cosmic level, rather than substance, and also eliminates the find.

Invisible dark matter, as a rule, dominant in the galaxy. The scientific community suffers from a generously debate after a & # 39; an object without dark matter found unprecedented.

Galaxy almost without dark matter, scientists found

Pieter van Dokkum is, team leader and Sol Goldman something & # 39; and a professor of astronomy at Yale University, said that "if there is one on the & # 39; an object, you always have a little voice in the back of your mind saying," But what if you're wrong? Even though we have made all the checks, we could think of, we were concerned that the nature left us in the loop and conspired to make something look really special while it was actually something more mundane ".

The initial output of the command are currently supported by steam of new studies that a & # 39 appeared in the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Shani Danieli, who two years ago first discovered galaxy, said that it is incredibly exciting to see something completely new for the first time. People do not know about the existence of such a galaxy with almost no dark matter, and for the student of astronomy, the best thing in the world to find out about the & # 39; an object or a galaxy, a planet, or principle, which has never been known before.

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