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Shopping drank a multi-billion dollar industry: an overview


CALGARY (660 NEWS) – It turns out that n & # 39; they are online shopping has become big business – the multi-billion dollar business.

According to a report from the "noise" n & # 39; they are shopping with a & # 39 is a $ 45 billion dollar a year business in the United States.

Amazon with a & # 39 is the winner – almost killing nearly 85 percent of n & # 39; drunken purchases.

The survey shows the average respondent spent about $ 450 a year, after a few drinks.

What people are buying online while drunk? Everything from the actual size of North Korea's Kim Jong-un expressions, beer glasses, and 30-pound bags of Idaho potatoes.

And not surprisingly, the average n & # 39; they are the buyer usually consume more booze – twice a week, as those who do not shop online.

In general, clothes and shoes with a & # 39 are the most popular among the purchase of so-called n & # 39; drunken customers. Women are slightly more likely to shop n & # 39; yanym 80 percent who responded to the survey said that they had done so, compared with 78 percent of men. But men spend more than women on their n & # 39; drunken purchases; an average of $ 448 per year, compared with $ 441 for women buyers.

Not surprisingly, the n & # 39; yanyya shopping peaks after 9 p m – and retailers know it. That is, if you are likely to see targeted ads on your browser.

For people who can not move away from the computer to control the urge to buy them after a few drinks, there are several applications designed to protect you from yourself. Drunkpay designed to stop people from overspending after they were in the bar, and applications such as cold turkey will block certain websites in general.

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