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Sonic the Hedgehog first trailer: lots of Jim Carrey, lacking Sonic


In the course of the year filled with live-action adaptation of the non-live action '90s and' 00s favorite, Sonic the hedgehog"You may end up the most polarizing. Since the first trailer for the upcoming feature film debut with a 27-year-old mascot of Sega's draws a strange picture.

In video games, Sonic is very fast, very blue anthropomorphic hedgehog, and the character has been widely recognized as such. People do not take into account, for the most part; Instead, Sonic takes a world filled with many friends and sworn that can boast the same, "the lanky limbs and head of animal" combo, that he does.

Not so in the Sonic the hedgehog, Which stars James Marsden as a member of the Department of Police of San Francisco, which was tasked to track down the source of a mysterious high-speed burst of energy – himself of Sonic, without the knowledge of the people – which is a hassle government & # 39 is powerful enough to represent the suras & # 39; a serious threat . But the nature of Marsden ends befriended Ben Schwartz quippy CGI Sonic and becomes his protector against many people who want to use wild Sonic speed for yourself.

Thirstiest these people & # 39 is the evil Dr. Robotnik, who plans to use a proxy Sonic to take over the world, because the bad guys are wont to do. He selected from video games, in which it is better known as Dr. Eggman for his strange oval head and body. But this is not the case, where Jim Carrey inhabits the role and turns villain, in fact, the return of Jim Carrey character – I think, very loud and very unnatural.

Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik

Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik in Sonic the hedgehog honest stuff of nightmares.
Paramount Pictures

The result from the & # 39 is that Sonic the hedgehog It does not look like a movie Sonic at all; Instead, the first trailer seems promising comedy Jim Carrey. And from the looks of things so far, not very funny.

It will always be strange to see CG Sonic interaction with human sub & # 39; objects; Indeed, the trailer showed urchin version, which oddly enough, the positive effect (even though, in all fairness, he always works everywhere, that it should be a great workout). However, what is even more strange, throughout the life of Sonic fan as I am, that Sonic the hedgehog it seems much more concerned about Kari Dr. Robotnik than its title character. Bark becomes closer to cause any laughs from the trailer, which is even ends with a shot of him putting on the approximation of the sign of the form of the character from the video game. Sonic show itself feels much less exciting – because, apparently, Sonic the hedgehog Jim Carrey is the world, and we just live in it.

This is not a knock against the established comedian, who is also with the & # 39 is a versatile dramatic actor and political cartoonist. But any resemblance of the original video game franchise that may have once existed in this film seems to have been kept to a minimum to give the word's most famous movie star.

Perhaps that will be a good omen for the film at the box office. But this is not my childhood Sonic the Hedgehog, Sun siree.

Sonic the hedgehog in theaters on 8 November.

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