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SVU »Just Broke This TV Record


To show how differently we perceive time in our time, it seems to work, the TV show longer than ever before, though without feeling like they have been at it for a long time. A few generations ago, the show runs 20 years felt like an eternity and a mammoth achievement no other show can touch. Now it is becoming more common with the & # 39; a reality.

Law & Order: ACT just hit one of the stages in the formation of one of the longest in the history of television dramas. NBC has extended its 21 th season, putting him in a special category, which goes beyond a few symbolic show of the past.

Let's look at what it means, and how long Law & Order: NE potentially can go through directly to our constantly vicious headlines.

it was "NEA" Updating the surprise?

No one seems to know that if NBC renew NE, Although still have a good assessment of your adult population. The network announced 21-season upgrade March 29, breaking the record previously held for the original Law and Order and CBS western classics Gunsmoke.

NBC seemed to ecstasy in a press briefing in save opportunities NE in the air, but it gives a lot of credit producer Dick Wolf and star Mariska Hargitay for their role in making it a success.

With hard work Hargitay in the future defender of women survivors of sexual abuse, the show became more than just an exciting crime drama. Because we live in a time when we see a disturbing sexual violence by unknown and famous, it makes NE singularity is important to show to keep us aware of the harsh reality.

The show is likely to continue to take on titles

All sexual assault stories we hear in America continues to be a unique case with their own forms of intricate questions and heinous acts. Not surprisingly, NE He continued to take their land directly from the headlines, because it is never the end of shocking scenarios.

Even if many of the sites have a typical pro alpha male who sexually abuses a woman, show also formulates many other strange happenings with the roles of turns and situations that generate almost unbearable pain. When the violence comes from a family member & # 39; and or a trusted teacher, we all understand that there is a real case, the same as anywhere in our neighborhoods.

Based on the structure of the show and the service it provides, it makes us wonder if it can technically go on forever. As Hargitay recently told me:

"Life expectancy and continued success of open source software with the & # 39 is a testament not only to show a powerful speaking and the ability to connect with viewers, but its necessity. We talked important stories for 20 years, and we will continue to talk to them. "

Drama as a service, rather than just entertainment

There is no doubt, NE It works as a public service, so that we know how many sexual offenses occur outside of New York. Although, maybe you can claim New York seems to be more crimes Law and Order franchise than Cabot Cove were Murder, She WroteShe still gives us a weekly warning that hides in every town, large and small.

Will the public and the entertainment industry recognized NE as a service to humanity and keep it forever? Look for tweets about the show, and you will find many people who understand how it is done to inform the public about how twisted so many sex offenses are.

If NBC continues to see the show so expect to walk for as long as the actors want. Will they be another thing, even if he sees Hargitay Olivia Benson lieutenant in passing the torch of her successor will be gratifying to the TV. Several generations of the show about the capture of the perpetrators of sexual assault of America will truly break all records.

We just hope that it will also show some of these criminals who are successful psychological treatment in the form of healing.

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