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Thanos creator Jim Starlin on Endgame, Phase 4, and 3 hero Guardians


as Avengers: EndGame I broke almost every box office record this weekend, the success of Marvel Studios & # 39; standing on the decades and decades of comics creators. And in the end the villain of the saga, Thanos, the company is obliged to one guy: the writer-artist Jim Starlin.

Polygon sat with Starlin, who also created Gomorrah and Drax the Destroyer, after he had a chance to catch endgame the Los Angeles premiere of & # 39; EASURES film. latest blockbuster the Marvel may put a lid on the Marvel Cinematic Universe "Infiniti Saga», but the story moves on to stage 4, which is expected to enter more Starlin characters, as a martial artist Shang-Chi, and perhaps even godlike Adam Warlock .

Starlin has offered a window into the history of the universe Marvel Comics – as well as the window in the process of adaptation of Marvel Studios, which he hurt during the turbulent pre-production Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3He even explained why Thanos not only to double the resources of the universe. This is not a plot hole, when Jim Starlin has the answer.

[[[[note editionThis interview & # 39; u will contain spoilers Avengers: EndGame].

Polygon: How do you feel about Thanos in the movie? Was there anything left that you want to see? Or vice versa, if there was anything that Roussos made from Thanos that you would like to do first?

Jim StarlinI worked with the script of the film before and I came to the conclusion that anyone who thinks that they are going to get an exact copy of what they put on paper just stupid. These production film companies spend millions and millions of dollars, and they will work it around their universe, which is different from the comic book universe. In general, no, I was very pleased with what they've done with Thanos.

In fact, there were a few things they did that I thought were really great ideas that I wish I did in the comics, such as he takes off the armor, when he gets a couple of pearls -Stones, they call it – and do not need armor anymore. He just never struck me as an idea at the time, and I thought, Oh yeah, that makes senseI know a lot of people were upset that, but he & # 39 is again in the armor[[[[Avengers: EndGame]So that everything is nicely balanced.

My friend pressure, and this is a minor gripe, I miss its yellow eyes, reddened when he was angry, but I understand why they did it; it gives [Thanos’ actor Josh] Brolin better chance to replay with the students and the like. Blue I think probably works better on film than yellow eyes and red nose would be too contrasting.

Thanos eyes flare red with anger on Lady Death in Gauntlet # 2 Infinity, Marvel Comics (1991).

Thanos eyes flare red with anger at the Lady's death, infinity Gauntlet # 2.
Jim Starlin, George Pérez / Marvel Comics

But you know, I think they actually stayed with the spirit of the character, if not exactly a letter from him. And I think, Josh Brolin, [writers Stephen McFeely, Christopher Marcus,] Roussos and did a great job to restore his little history together. I think of it as, like, "What would Arthur Conan Doyle felt when he saw all the different versions of the movie Sherlock Holmes?" He did not recognize it at certain points. You have to get into the game, knowing that there will be changes.

One of the things that people have struggled to infinity after the war as a & # 39 is one of the biggest changes: His motivation is different. He was not in love with Mistress Death, which left him open to questions like "Why did not he use the infinity gems to make twice as many resources, rather than to kill half of all life?" Since both the guy who created the character and as someone who understands that things are changing in the process of adaptation, you have your own solutions to this new question of motivation Thanos?

StarlinWell, why are they eliminated Mistress death storyline with & # 39 is that Marvel Studios feels that it's a bit too early to add the abstract of the & # 39; sites into the mix. What, I think, is something they are going to change as soon as they got a couple of Doctor Strange movie better way.

Through a proxy server, Mrs orders Thanos death to "balance" the universe in Silver Surfer # 34, Marvel Comics (1990).

Mrs orders the death of Thanos in the "balance" in the Universe Silver Surfer # 34.
Jim Starlin, Ron Lim / Marvel Comics

His motivation movie is actually straight out of the comic book in question 34 Silver Surfer; that was supposed to be my way, I was going to bring on infinity mittenBut I quickly realized that I will work in the corner itself, and I would like to bring Mrs Death in it, because it was one of the aspects of the character previously. So I switched that around and made it so that it's just a scam. Thus, [his MCU motivation is] true to the spirit of the character and the story line, if not quite right on the mark. Things change, and you go with the flow and enjoy the ride while you can.

A pair of members Guardians of the Galaxy, which you have created, Gomorrah and Drax have some soul searching to do now, when most of the center of their life, Thanos, was finally killed. As someone who is very familiar with them, where do you think they're going to continue?

StarlinWell, these multiple time frames that they have created in the framework of endgame by the time they were made, [they] It takes you to the point where you have to start writing together a flow chart to be able to figure out where everything is moving and where they started. I was able to rationalize his own head, where Gomorrah is going to be in the next movie, because it again. It is not that the final scene in a space ship with the rest of the guys, but that does not mean it's not going to be associated with them.

Thor is not necessarily the Guardian now, either. I mean, he ran with them […] but this does not mean that it's going to be in the next film Guardians. He was not in a situation where James Gunn wrote the script for this particular movie. So we'll have to see.

One of the biggest symbols of infinity Gauntlet, which is not in the movie, it's one of yours, Adam Warlock. He was teased at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2but Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 apparently undergone many upheavals. If the warlock shows up in the following custodian or later Marvel movie that you want to see with this character in the movie?

StarlinWell, scuttlebut that he was going to start out as a villain, as he did in the comics when he was him. Probably occurs after the Sentinels as they hint about the end[[[[Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2]What happens to it then we can only guess.

Marvel plays these things very close to cherry vest, and they have announced some of the other films that go to the next stage, but this does not mean that there will no longer wait. Thus, I have high hopes that we will see the Wizard again after the next Guardians of the film, when he & # 39 is in it. And I hope that he is faced with a man named Pip troll along the way, he is the one I really want to see come to the cinema.

Adam Warlock and Pip the Troll to infinity glove # 2, Marvel Comics (1991).

Adam Warlock and Pip the Troll in infinity Gauntlet # 2.
Jim Starlin, George Pérez / Marvel Comics

And Pip makes you want to see him in the movie?

Starlin: [He’s a] excellent foil. If you have a character, as a warlock, you need someone for him to play straight man to. And Pip would be perfect for him. He's just one of my favorite characters of all the guys I've created. I think it's Pip, Dreadstar, and Thanos, who with the & # 39 are my favorites.

You also participated in the creation of Shang-Chi in the Marvel Comics, whose adaptation It seems to be on its way from Marvel Studios.

StarlinStephen Engleheart and I created it together, and I only made about four questions, because I wanted to go back to Captain Marvel and Thanos, which I did at the same time. And so I had a short run on Shang-ChiAnd I'm really interested to see the movie, because it is cunning.

I can not wait to see how they do it, so it does not come off like just another kung fu film, we got hundreds of these things to begin with. But I believe that these guys up at Marvel come up with a hook, that will do it differently.

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