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THC slushies, pirate radio and boom, which is controlled by the cannabis community Mohawk


Coming in from Highway 401 to the south of Ontario, with the FM-disc tuned to 87.9, rap music era's 1990 disappears in about & # 39 ad offering a free connection with every purchase over $ 20 between 4:20 and north am Pot Shoppe.

Second advertising campaign promotes the "Motor Show for the Jeep" in the Pot Shoppe parking lot every Tuesday evening.

"Do not forget that we have a free coffee for the driver, and our famous slashki Pot Shoppe at half the cost of a passenger," – said in a statement. "Rabbits, saturated THC – a little more than just the brain freeze."

Transmission tower for radio station – Real People People – stands over a small hut, which once was the second store of cannabis, which opened on the territory of Mohawk in Tydengine, located 200 kilometers east of Toronto. This Hacket now with the & # 39 is a studio for broadcasting pirate radio station, who lives on the edge of the radio telephone, and broadcast on the Internet.

Joseph OVL, DJ for the pirate radio station 87,9 FM with Tyyaninagi, on the microphone. (Stu Mills / CBC)

Behind the microphone is Joseph Sawa, a First Nation Serpent River, Ontario, regular DJ at the station, where the show from 6am to 10am.

Owl was offered a job through friends and started working at the station in early June.

"This is the best [employment] an opportunity that I've encountered, "he said.

The station with the & # 39 is one of many departures from the economic boom which allows for cannabis in this community Mohawk in 2100, is located on the shores of Quintana Bay, between Belleville and Kingston, and a few minutes' drive from the County of Prince Edward, who grows hot tourist points . .

There are dozens of cannabis shops – some estimates put the number between 40 and 50 – with names such as smoke signals, best buds, the Legacy 420, the peacemaker 420 dispensary Buddy & # 39; s, Green Fiddler & # 39; s and Cannabis Convenience.

Hemp plants grow in pots at the entrance to the cannabis shop in Tenindine. (Stu Mills / CBC)

cannabis plants grown outside the front doors of some houses, and hundreds more on the lines of the surrounding areas and fields for harvesting in late summer or early autumn.

Unknown community projects of reconstruction and construction, including several new zapravak and at least one new franchise restaurant.

Many of them are connected to an inflow from the sale of cannabis in local stores, and then spread throughout the area.

"It's an economic boom," – said Jamie Kunkel, has one of the local shops "Smoke Signals".

"Thousands of cars on a daily basis"

Kunkel said the money already coming into the community from the customers who are looking for cheaper gas and cigarettes. But the increase in traffic in cannabis stores mean more revenue from existing businesses.

"All the stores that existed prior to cannabis, were busy throughout the day, earning good money", – said Kunkel. "You get a big rush that comes from cannabis, thousands of additional vehicles on a daily basis … Now there are structures for cigarettes, compositions for gas."

Kunkel said his own business cannabis grown exponentially since it began a little over three years ago. He was associated with a business partner, and then independently razgalinavavsya, opening a store from his home before to build a separate store, and eventually franchising in four other First Nations in Ontario.

He also bought the land, which is adjacent to his shop for the annual event "on Cannabis Cup". Hip-hop group Naughty by Nature made this year.

Jamie Kunkel, owner of Smoke Signals, said it will cease production of cannabis in Tydenine will be virtually impossible. (Stu Mills / CBC)

According Kyunkelya opening of licensed cannabis stores in Ontario in nearby towns such as Kingston, Toronto and Ottawa – the place where the majority of buyers are attracted Tyendinaga, had some influence. But in general, business is stable.

"Our traffic has decreased, but our sales have remained the same or increased, because the traffic that we have maintained, was great," – said Kunkel. "They come, they buy an ounce of … half an ounce, plus whatever they want."

Kunkel said that his prices are sometimes less than $ 10 gram of the same couple of marijuana, which is sold in stores that are governed by Ontario. "[Customers] do not want to go to these stores, they do not want to pay such a tax, "- he said.

Susan and John Lavchch, senior citizens Brighton, California, about 60 kilometers west of Tydenginy, said they shopped in Pot Shoppe because of the service.

"They were super … it is very nice to work", – said Susan Lavechcho, which received a discount older $ 24 and spent about $ 130 on cannabis products.

Lovchchio said that shopped in Tyundinagu, because she was not at home marijuana shops. "I think it's perfectly wonderful natives, and they are a big part of this do I say.." Yes, go for it. "

Ottawa claims that only regulated cannabis & # 39 is legal

cannabis economy began to blossom in Tentinage after liberalski government announced that it would legalize cannabis. By October 17, 2018 – the date of legalization – roots cannabis industry has managed to get into the depths.

All this takes place outside of the federal, provincial and territorial regulatory framework.

Ottawa said that federal and provincial laws on cannabis will be applied to reserves, but individual provinces and territories can make way for agreements with First Nations.

According to the Office of the Federal Minister of Safety Signs and reduce organized crime, legal cannabis can only be sold in stores, which are regulated by the government.

"The only legal source of cannabis, which is controlled by quality, is to test the provincial-territorial authorized dystryb & # 39; yutarav and retailers, or licensed by the federal sellers who have the authority of their health practices to access to cannabis for medical purposes," – spokeswoman said Bill Blair, Marie-Emmanuel. Cadieux.

Ontario Ministry of the Attorney said in a statement that the province is still engaged in "First Nations", who want to explore their own cannabis sales model in stock. But, he said, "For sale outside Ontario authorized trading system & # 39 is illegal under federal and provincial legislation."

Ontario recently announced that in the near future to allocate 50 new licenses for difference for cannabis – including eight for the "First Nations" based on the first power – with 25 licenses issued by the province earlier this year.

Plastic watering cans, drawn up in the fields of cannabis back in Telendinage. (Stu Mills / CBC)

According Kyunkelya in Tyundinage lacks the appetite to obey federal and provincial regulations and pay taxes, even if the deal was made with the group.

Kanklis industry in society as a & # 39 is a political statement, said Kunkel, a manifestation of the sovereignty of the people, who had never passed their rights to self-government.

October 16, 2018 Tyundinaga band council, known as the Council of the Gulf Mohavks Quint, take interim resolution on cannabis and began consulting the communities at a constant rate, which continues.

Group survey expressed concern

The Council published the results of an online survey in April, which was conducted by 147 members of the band on the reserve. He expressed disparate views on this issue, and many seek to strengthen control over the group of cannabis industry.

Some participants, however, questioned the accuracy of the survey, noting that the same person can be filled several times and said that the questions were skewed.

Some have expressed concern about the rise in prices caused by the turbulent economy of cannabis, as well as complaints to gain traffic and safety problems.

"Pots market has raised the price of the property, deteriorating housing situation", – said one of the respondents.

"There is no control over who sells cannabis, or where there are shops. I can think of a thousand things, which I would like to mention our reserve, but it is not to every corner was a cannabis shop," said another one respondent.

Others say that the industry has a positive effect.

"In most of these stores operate many members of the community who, without these stores may be unemployed due to lack of means of transport and employment opportunities," – said the defendant.

"With minor changes, I believe that the cannabis industry in our community can be something that will allow our community to succeed", – said the other.

The Council of the "Mohawk of the Bay Quint" did not respond to a request for an interview with & # 39; S.

Tess Brandt, director of Pot Shoppe, said that the work has changed her life. (Stu Mills / CBC)

Tess Brandt, director of Pot Shoppe, said her work in the field of cannabis, "made a huge improvement" in her life beyond just its finances. "It kept me on the straight and narrow," she said.

Brandt, a mother of four, recovering drug addict and worked a little more than a year after the completion of rehabilitation.

"Being here, come here, give me a purpose" – Brandt said, adding that he no longer smokes marijuana, and instead uses the CBD oil, which is not a & # 39 is Up & # 39; yanennya derived from the cannabis plant.

Brandt runs from 8 am to 16 pm, works in the shop and is engaged in the rear part of the business, is engaged in the products and choose what to sell and what to do.

"I can not afford a house, I can afford a car, I can not afford for their children," – said Brandt, whose 24-year-old son also works in the shop. "It has improved my life, 1,000 percent."

Brandt said that most of the customers come from Belleville, Kingston, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal; They even had a couple from Finland, which lasted for a week to explore all the shops in the area.

Returning to the radio studio "real nations" would be & # 39 speakers, by hip-hop, which disappear when the Sava breaks with the weather & # 39; em – in his own pirate radio style.

"Who is going to be hot, 28 years old, gamideks the roof and all the Var & # 39;. Yaty numbers that they give you, just know that it's hot," – said Owl. "What are you doing in this hot day? You're going on an adventure? You send your kids to camp, so you can sit back and have your own adventure at home?"

Then & # 39 has another listing: "Do you want a free pre-hire"?

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