Monday , November 30 2020

The driver of the pickup truck, which allegedly hit three cars and fled wanted by the police

Royal Newfoundland are investigating a triple lightning after the truck has been seen colliding with three separate vehicles in quick succession on Monday morning.

The incidents occurred in downtown St. John's, police said in a press release.

Shortly after 8:30 am, the RNC received a report of a vehicle hitting a truck on the street artillery and unable to stop.

the injured driver of the car was a truck to the Gower Street, where police say he hit a second car.

A few minutes later, a third car was struck by a truck leaves the stage again.

Witnesses snapped photos of the suspect pickup truck, a gray Ford F-150, which says the police may have damage to its front bumper.

license plate of the truck sign was covered with snow, and police say they are still trying to identify the male driver.

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