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The game plan off-season for the Maple Leafs


Work begins wssd & # 39; to tackle the front office Maple Leafs now that they have had time to get over it a first-round exit. In this off-season; there is not a lot of time to sit and think about the past. While the first round draft pick is already being used to select Jake Mazzini, the more the question of signing of some contracts, and hitting Kyle said that he wants to deal Mitch Marner did the first.

Before we get into all the front office work goes up, there still is ice hockey will be played, but not all players Leafs finished for the season.

world championship

IIHF World Championship in Bratislava and Kosice, Slovakia, this year, and the game Marinchin was started on May 10 asked to play for the main team, Nikita Zaitsev was added to the Russian team, John Tavares has agreed to play in Canada and the Swedish media that William Nylander will play in Sweden. Do not expect to see players without contracts as Mitch Marner there. Auston Matthews said that he was interested, but no official word from the USA Hockey has not confirmed his choice. Danish Hockey officially announced that Frederick Anderson refused their invitation this time.

Expect to see the Leafs Scouting this tournament largely as claimed free agent Ilya Mikheyev on the Russian team. Sergey Andronov, who leafs were linked for several months, is also still in the team, in anticipation of the new additions.

memorial cup

Memorial Cup in Halifax this year, and begins Ian Scott May 17 would get the Prince Albert Raiders there, and they begin to WHL championship game on May 3 Meanwhile, in the OHL, Fyodor Gordeyev and Guelph Storm with a & # 39 are to play their championship to try to get to Halifax, as well.


About the NHL Scouting & # 39; to combine begins on the day after Memorial Cup ends May 27 in Buffalo Leafs will interview & # 39; yuiravanne prospects. Of the approximately 100 players present each year, the second and third round of elections there to be discovered. As I said, hitting it after pressing the season Letters should solve the problem of development is very good in the later rounds, now that they hope to never have a good first round for years to come.


This season will last until the end of June, and the contract is still in effect. But now, when the game ended the season in the NHL, players are signed contracts, which are calculated as of July 1, 2019 the limit is 50 SPCs.

According to Cap friendly, Leafs currently have 34 players for next season contract. Ie NHL contracts only as players signed contracts in the AHL is not a & # 39 are part of the list of NHL. This number does not include a long list of free agents, whose proposals will expire on 30 June, he includes several younger players who can not rely on the limit of 50 players when they loaned back to junior hockey next season. The crisis of too many SPCs, certainly over, and leafing through a lot of flexibility.

free agents

The Leafs have several players who finished the season in the NHL playing list, unlimited Free Agents (UFAS) July 1:

  • Tyler Ennis
  • Jake Gardiner
  • Ron Hynes
  • Marinchin
  • Michael Hutchinson

They have a group of players who have played on the Marlies, are on NHL contracts expire:

  • chris Mueller
  • Josh Zhooris
  • Vincent Loverde
  • Steve Oleksy

All of these players can be re-signed at any time, or allowed to leave in UFAS July 1 Zhooris Josh, is rumored to be the case in Switzerland within the next year. Everything else is a question mark.

The leaves have a lot of restricted free agent this summer. NHL players, RFAS with & # 39 are:

  • Mitch Marner
  • Kasperi Kapanen
  • Andreas Jonsson
  • Ozhiganov

The Marlies registry, in accordance with the contract in the NHL, and ending as a PCP & # 39 are:

  • Nick Baptiste
  • Gabriel Gagne
  • Michael Carcone
  • Jordan Subban
  • Eamon McAdam

Letters have until June 25 to issue qualifying offers its RFAS, so there is no great hurry, and for some of those players, only QO is done without hesitation, as a way to push negotiations down the road. Some of the AHL players can not receive offers, but these decisions will not wait until after the AHL season ended.

Of these RFAS, have the following arbitration rules:

  • Andreas Jonsson
  • Ozhiganov
  • Nick Baptiste
  • Jordan Subban
  • Eamon McAdam

The deadline to submit to arbitration in July 5-6.

A major contract, obviously, Marner, but in Kapan and Jonsson deal is also very important, and if Jonsson goes to arbitration, his case should be a contract for one or two years (depending on who files for arbitration). Ozhigany rumored to be from trusted sources, to return to the KHL.

Free Agent Signing

KHL contracts expire on April 30, technically at midnight Moscow time. Scouts European free agents will go to the world, and we will almost certainly see the Leafs to sign a few players.

Free agents of this kind is likely to be the main priority ahead of most other things in the next few weeks. You can not hold them back in expectation to wrap the matter Marner.


It's not unheard of for teams from the playoffs to make bids to the Stanley Cup is awarded, but there is a feeling that the league does not like, and teams usually wait. There was one trade during the playoffs last year, and it was (of course) on trade in Arizona.

Most of the deals with the award of the project include the church Cup project in some way.


Draft June 21 and 22 this year, and for fans of the Leafs, we would probably not need to be adjusted prior to the second day. In the absence of first-round draft pick, the letter could choose to make a trade between now and then to get one, but it does not seem a high priority at the moment.

Currently Leafs seven the church in the later rounds. Their draft pick position is the twenty-third, but will not be completed until deep into the playoffs. Considering where the leaves will choose the exact number has absolutely no relation to the total cost of loading. Now these elections with & # 39 are: # 54, # 85, # 113, # 116, # 147, # 204 and # 209.

reserve list

Sheets are some unsigned draft pick to make decisions about. Team rules expire for some of them:

  • Fedor Gordeev, the rights expire on June 1
  • Dakota Joshua rights expire August 15
  • Ryan McGregor, the rights will expire on June 1

With the excitement of the prospect of the signing at the end of the regular season, the Leafs seem to have made their choice out there now. They can choose to sign some players and will expire in the summer wears on. Information that Yegor Korshkov wants to come to Toronto in one capacity or another solid. He may want to do this at ELC in training camp.

Prospect development

The Maple Leafs in the tournament prospects Traverse City this year.

This autumn event that takes place in September, just before the start of training camp. There will also be events after prospects of the project, enabling teams to look at the newly trained players and run past years, before they decapitated for summer training.

redemption window

The first buyout window opens in mid-June, depending on the date of the Stanley Cup finals. The leaves are very unlikely to buy any players.

The title page of today in Cap Friendly.

If you're one of the people pumping these articles looking at buying Patrick Marleau, you have to go back and read it again:

Leaves may be of interest to players of other teams buy out. Search another Tyler Ennis will be fun for the next season.

Free day Agent

July 1 will mark the beginning of free will, as always. It's like a long time from now, but in order to know the hitting, or if he wants to sign players he needs Marner contract and, probably, business Kapanen done. The clock is ticking on Marner, and they have two months to do so.

The depth of the summer are filled here in the Top 25 to 25 years, and we look forward to the prospects of Var week & # 39; yatstva. By then, we'll just have to watch and wait for bludgeoning his footsteps. Until now:

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