Friday , December 4 2020

The head of the Toronto Community Housing is on paid leave

Chapter alert provider of public housing in Toronto has been placed on administrative leave and the foreign firm has been named in the review of the consulting contract was awarded found through the "incorrect" the process of Council Housing Corporation.

Kathy Milsom was appointed to the role of CEO of the Toronto Community Housing Corporation in August last year. The news that the decision was made to place it in a paid holiday was made through a press release sent out on Monday afternoon, a statement from the council supplier Housing ,.

Kathy Milsom was appointed CEO of the Toronto Community Housing Corporation last August. She was placed on administrative leave.
Kathy Milsom was appointed CEO of the Toronto Community Housing Corporation last August. She was placed on administrative leave. (Carlos Osorio / toronto Star)

The Council also announced the immediate cessation of close to $ 1.3 million contract with Orchango, agency management consultant brought to the aid of the reorganization of housing corporations. The employee, who oversaw the request for proposal (RFP) or the application process for a contract, too, was done on paying recreation, said the board.

The law firm Bennett Jones will examine representative confirmed the housing provider. The firm will be regarded as a process council recognized "was flawed and did not follow the existing rules TCHC» was used for the award of the contract, according to the release.

The existence of the agreement and its value was first reported in the Toronto Sun.

"We consider ourselves to higher standards and, as a result, the council sent TCHC Orchango terminate the contract with immediate effect," said the board. "We remain committed to transparency on the process and will keep our employees, tenants and the public updated on this issue."


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From the decision to put Milsom and the employee to leave the board said, "This is not a disciplinary action, and some reasonable effort to ensure the independence and integrity of the ongoing review."

Orchango president and co-founder declined to comment on the council's decision and said that the company did not immediately release an official statement. "We consider this issue," said Edmond Mellina, speaking with the star on Monday.

Mayor John Tory, in a statement issued shortly after the rest Milsom was announced, said he spoke with Kevin Marshman chairman of the board of directors of ensuring that change does not affect resident. About 110,000 Toronto rely on the Housing Agency a place to call home, many of them are struggling to make ends meet in the largest city of Canada.

"Good management of all city institutions is essential and requires that all members of these organizations are held to the highest standards. Toronto Community Housing Council took decisive action. I believe that the board of directors made the right decision, "said Tory.

Vice President Sheila Penny will, with immediate effect, serve as executive director for the maintenance of "to maintain the stability and continuity for our employees and tenants, the report said.

Earlier this year, star Jennifer Paglario said that the private law firm has been called to investigate the human resource practices at the corporation after several complaints were filed with the Ombudsman of the city. One current manager and five former employees described a "culture of fear", where people felt bullying and harassment.

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