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The holiday passed on Jody Wilson Reybuld on Vancouver Island


While Ottawa is reeling over the latest materials in conjunction with a committee of the House of Commons by Jody Wilson Reybulda, former Minister of Justice and Attorney General is spending the day in their own territory on Vancouver Island, where she worshiped his family & # 39; and the Kwakiutl and the community.

Vancouver-Granville Liberal MP seized the spotlight in recent weeks, after her testimony on the controversy SNC-Lavalin, she left the room and release secretly recorded telephone conversation on Friday.

event on Saturday was a break from politics in Ottawa: a day for the members of the Kwakiutl nation celebrate its name Puglaas, Wilson-Raybould in Kwakiutl, which roughly translates as "a woman born noble people." About 500 people came to the event in Campbell River, to R. H.

"Our people and our leaders just want to pick up Jody and just continue to prove that we are not to support her no matter what," said Shelley Joseph relatively Wilson-Raybould, who was present at the celebration.

"We are so proud that she did, and she bears … It has become a symbol for all the little girls indigenous as to what you can achieve if you put your heart and mind into it."

Shelley Joseph, standing outside KwinWatsi Big House before the holiday to Wilson-Raybould. Joseph with the & # 39 is the leading public and cultural adviser to the reconciliation of Canada, a charitable organization based in BC (Chantel Bellrichard / PLG)

Holiday in KwinWatsi big house, traditional, building wooden frame, was a private event.

Wilson-Raybould stated its cultural background during her speech before the House of Commons Justice Committee in February.

"I come from a long line of matriarchs and I really cashier in accordance with the laws and traditions of our big house. This is who I am, and that's who I'll always be, "she said.

Jody Wilson Reybuld gives her opening statement as she & # 39 is on the Justice Committee meeting in Ottawa on February 27, 2019. (Adrian Wyld / Canadian Press)

Bringing up the laws and traditions of the Great House, it may have been lost on many Canadians, but this was not the case for people with their community and others as Judith Sayers, President tribal Nootka Council, who spoke to CBC on the island after testifying-Raybould Wilson in. Nootka with & # 39 is adjacent to the Kwakiutl nation on the coast of BC

"What she says about what is the right industry, as the kind of man that you should be one with integrity, honesty and truth, saying," Sayers said.

"I believe that its role in the Big House had to be the truth teller, who is very good at what it should – and she said – that she could never tell if she does not know that it's true."

"We support you"

Before the event kicked off on Saturday afternoon, Shelley Joseph reflected on the Wilson-Raybould meaning of being in the society, which will be celebrated in a big house.

"For us to stand here with the & # 39 is a true indication of the resistance of our people," she said, referring to the potlatch ban, who made a bunch like that occurred on Saturday illegal. The ban has been in force for 67 years, from 1884 until 1951.

"We wanted to wrap her with our love and she knows that we are with her and support her … and to remind her that our ancestors were with her all the work that she does," Joseph said.

She said that it is important to be talking Wilson-Raybould, «We are with you, we love you and we support you."

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