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The new compensation system Autobody shops part of a plan to pour ICBC «garbage container fire"


Vancouver (NEWS 1130) – 6.3 per cent hike in the basic rates of auto insurance on April 1 a decision, since the region is trying to make the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia profitable again.

The new remuneration system in the works for Autobody repair shops, where costs increased, mainly because part of the & # 39 are more expensive and the cars are increasingly computer & # 39; yuteryzavany.

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Attorney General David Abby says the effort is also made better track fraud, both inside and outside the ICBC, including confidential tip line.

"If anyone has information about the fraud, they must bring it forward," he says. "I'll show you how good we doubled the number of evaluations is going Autobody repair shops to ensure that the work cited actually work being done and the work that is necessary."

He adds, consultations are underway to better optimize repair.

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"At present, ICBC is sitting down with service providers to switch to another system. Costs continue to rise, due in part to the increase in technology in vehicles, in part due to the fact that we have a very inefficient, not particularly efficient system to identify those stores that are putting investments in new technologies, equipment and training. "

Other changes will take effect on 1 April include capping compensation for minor injuries at $ 5,500 and sliding over the settlement of disputes out of court.

Come September, the Abby says bad drivers should expect their premiums to go up, with good drivers who see them potentially the prices go down.

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