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The Saudis have access to their own information on the phone, Jeff Bezos, security consultant says – National


WASHINGTON – The head of security for the chief executive of Amazon, Jeff Bezos said on Saturday that the Saudi government had access to the phone Bezos and got personal information from it.

Prosecutors are looking into the National Enquirer after accusations of blackmail Jeff Bezos: sources

Gavin De Becker, a longtime security consultant, said that it has completed its investigation into the publication in January leaked text messages between Bezos and Lauren Sanchez, a former TV presenter who said the tabloid newspaper National Enquirer Bezos met.

Last month, Bezos has accused the owner of the newspaper in an attempt to blackmail him with the threat of the publication of "intimate photos" allegedly sent by Sanchez when he said publicly that the tabloid reports it was not politically motivated.

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In an article for The Daily Beast website, De Becker said the parent company of National Enquirer, American Media Inc., a privately demanded that De Becker has denied a stay of any evidence of "electronic eavesdropping or hacking in the process of news gathering."

"Our researchers and some experts have concluded with a high degree of confidence that the Saudis have access to the phone Bezos, and got personal information," wrote De Becker. "As of today, it remains unclear to what extent, if any, the AMI was aware of the details."

Jeff Bezos says the owner of the National Enquirer threatened to publish intimate photos of him

The representative of Saudi Arabia Embassy in Washington did not immediately return a request for comment. In February, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom, said Syria had "absolutely nothing to do" with the National Enquirer reporting on the case.

Spokesperson for AMI not immediately respond to a request for comment. AMI had previously said that he acted lawfully in presenting stories Bezos.

De Becker said he turned the findings of his studies in the US federal officials, without going into details.

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