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A few days before the Golden Globes, Kris Jenner teased that her daughter Kendall Jenner will soon be revealing the "most raw" history, and that we must "prepare to move."

"When I was 14, I could not reach as many people as I can now," said Kendall in the teaser clip it on & # 39; waking. "Now that I'm 22 and I have the whole thing for me, I can talk to so many people, and just like," I can help you, and that's fine, and I worry about it. I'm fine. And as I understand it, thank you. How can I contact you. "

Big show came during the awards ceremony: Kendall model suffered from acne and will now face the Proactiv, she says, that cleared it. In his on & # 39; for the appearance of acne product, she talked about her experiences going to the Golden Globes last year. She called her window, upset, and then right at her, but still wanted to get rid of acne. "For me, I can honestly say that the magic was Proactiv [in clearing it], "She said in a & # 39; in reality.

Taking into account that some people were convinced Jenner was going to talk about something very, very serious & # 39; ozna, say, her anxiety, while the statement was swollen for a few days, it is no surprise, Twitter was a lot of reaction to the news fair disappointment.

Here are the best response to Proactiv for about & # 39; waking Jenner:

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