Wonder Boy: Traps with Dragon & # 39 is a remake of the 1989 Master System platformer Wonder Boy III: The Dragon Trap. Lizardcube developer announced that the title will be coming to Android on 30 May. Once the game started, you can pick it up for $ 8.99, but if you want to save 30% off the retail price, you can pre-register on the Play Store, to get this discount.

There is no doubt that this remake looks fantastic, thanks to its beautiful hand-drawn graphics. Reviews for the console and PC titles remain positive since its launch, so if Android port does not take a wrong turn somewhere, it looks like a significant release for any fan of the classic action platformer.

The gameplay of this remake was reverse engineering of the original version of Master System, and you can switch between the new hand-drawn graphics and old 8-bit graphics. The story revolves around an adventurer, who struck with a curse. In order to remove the curse, players must journey through a range of land in search of dragons. After the dragon is defeated, the curse will be lifted. Along the way, your character will unlock several different forms of animals, which will be useful in the fight against many enemies the game, that & # 39 is an enjoyable mechanic who keeps evolving gameplay as you progress.

Wonder Boy: dragon Traps land on Android as a premium edition that does not mean that there is in the application, as the purchase is expected. Bluetooth controller support should also be included, as well as support Shield TV.

Wonder Boy: dragon Traps should appeal to fans of classic platformers, and thanks to its graphics swapping function, you can enjoy the game in the original 8-bit form or newly polished version of the cartoon. Enabling the controller is also very welcome, as it can be a complicated name, plus it would be nice to sit and enjoy the game on the panel TVs, which should be more suitable for those who prefer to experience the console. In general, Android release Wonder Boy: dragon trap sounds like it is shaping up to be hard to port, so make sure to follow the official release of its Play Store on May 30.

Wonder Boy: Dragon Trap
Wonder Boy: Dragon Trap

DotEmu brought modernized classic Wonder Boy: Traps for the Dragon firmware and Android May 30

Remake Beloved darling Approaching Half Million Sold Through PC and console

Publisher and retro Wizard DotEmu and Playdigious today announced Wonder Boy: Trap dragon, critics Westone rethinking and SEGA cult classic adventure invited mobile gamer in your exciting draw the world 30th May, on firmware and Android devices, as well as Nvidia Shield, for £ 7.49. Those who pre-register through the Google Play Store, will be notified by e-mail to get a whopping 30 percent discount if the game is available.

Mobile adaptation will offer a full premium experience one of the most eagerly accepted this generation remakes of supporters and critics. Redesigned for PC and consoles in 2017 Lizardcube, the game was optimized by Playdigious development studios for mobile devices, including iPhone X, to best represent his magnificent, monster image Land liquid charming environments and the menacing villain. Wonder Boy: Dragon Trap has the same beautiful hand-drawn animation from their PC and console counterparts, with the result that every moment of his life to the energetic world, as shown in this new trailer showcasing portable games:

Wonder Boy: mobile version of Dragon Trap has been adjusted for touch screens, and allow players to enjoy platforming action on the go. Each of the highly praised supplements remake will be present, allowing the proponent to switch between classic and remastered visuals and audio on the fly, retro enter passwords, identified with the original 1989 release, and experiences reproduced debut Wonder Girl.
For more information about Wonder Boy: Traps Dragon on mobile, be sure to stick @Dotemu on Twitter and visit the official website: http://www.TheDragonsTrap.com/.

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DotEmu with & # 39 is a French video game company, which specializes in modern versions of your favorite retro games. Our mission is simple: to give everyone access to classic video games gamer yesterday on modern platforms, including PC, Mobile, consoles and more. Working alongside the most cherished and recognized publishers of the world, DotEmu team made a number of global top sellers through PC and console, including Wonder Boy: dragon Traps, Windjammers 1 and 2, Rage Streets 4, a few games in the Ys series, and many others.

Founded in 2007, DotEmu uses its considerable technological know-how to keep the original spirit of the classic games, giving them a second life, as precious stones rediscovered by a new generation of gamers.

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Based near Paris, France, Playdigious with & # 39 is a publisher founded in 2015 in the house-building porting is currently working on high-quality indie games on the mobile and soon on additional platforms. We thrive to provide gamers an indie titles that stand out in terms of graphics, the story and gameplay.