Saturday , April 17 2021

Washington Post: Trump says that his "gut" can tell him more than "someone brain can ever tell me"

"I'm doing a deal, and I have not located the Fed," he said in an interview with Post & # 39; th Trump. "They make a mistake, because I have a gut, and my gut tells me more than occasionally someone brain could ever tell me."

GM announced on Monday that it would shut down production at five plants in North America and reduce its paid workforce by 15%, including a quarter of the company's executives.

The president said Post, that he was "not even a little happy" with Jerome Powell, the man he chose to lead the Federal Reserve.

Trump has long expressed disappointment with Powell. On the eve of the midterm elections in November, Trump repeatedly beat him and called Fed "Var & # 39; crazy" and "loco" over the recent increase in interest rates. Since July, repeated research Trump Powell gradually grew new veiled threat that it could consider the Fed's dismissal of its chairman.
In a wide range of interviews & # 39; nd Post, Trump also rejected a US government report released last week, which put in a dire warning about climate change and its devastating consequences.

Trump said Post «I do not see the" human climate change, despite the overwhelming consensus of the scientific community that climate change caused by human activities.

"One of the problems a lot of people like me, we have a very high level of intelligence, but we are not necessarily believers," Trump told the Post. "You look at our air and our water, and it is now at a record clean."

The government report said that the US economy could lose hundreds of billions of dollars – or, in the worst case, more than 10% of gross domestic product – up to the end of the century.
Trump also threatened to cancel his planned meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin this week after Russian ships fired at and seized three ships near the Ukrainian Crimea. It is expected that the President will meet with foreign leaders at the G20 meeting in Argentina, and it is planned to discuss issues of regional security and Trump's national security adviser, John Bolton, said Tuesday at a White House briefing.

Trump said he is waiting for "a full account" of his national security team, according to the post, and said the report "will be a very decisive factor."

"Maybe I will not have a meeting. Maybe I'm not even going to have a meeting. … I do not like this aggression. I do not want that aggression at all, "said Trump Mail.

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