Mental illness can be treated with treatment – Germiston City News

[ad_1] October is the month of mental health information. The aim of this month is to introduce society to mental health issues, as well as to reduce the stigma and discrimination that people with mental illness are often exposed to. Mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, drug addiction and stress at work are common, … Read more

Cell C lowers data prices

[ad_1] Cell C says it has made changes to its 30-day data packets, including a significant reduction in prices and an increase in data distribution in small sets. The changes took effect on Friday, October 8, 2021. “Connecting to the internet is no longer a luxury and‘ enjoyable ’and has become a necessity in this … Read more

Nvidia and Microsoft debut AI model with 530 billion parameters • Register

[ad_1] Nvidia and Microsoft have announced their largest monolithic model of transformers to date — the AI ​​model with the colossal parameters of 530 billion that they have developed together — the Megatron-Turing natural language generation model. The MT-NLG is more powerful than previous transformer-based systems trained by both companies, namely the Turing-NLG model from … Read more

Visceral fat: Oolong tea can “burn” dangerous fat during sleep

[ad_1] The human body can store an amazing amount of fat, but not all of it is visible to the naked eye. Visceral fat sticks to the organs, making it a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Diet – the best counteraction to fat, in particular, one drink promises. Massive evidence suggests that oolong … Read more

DA makes a U-turn on golf courses for housing in Cape Town

[ad_1] Activists of the civil rights group “Return the City” occupy the Rondebosch golf course, calling for the club to be turned into social housing. The prosecutor says he has no intention of bulldozing golf courses or other sports or entertainment facilities in Cape Town. The party made a U-turn after previous comments by its … Read more

Kanye West leaves New York on the eve of Kim Kardashian’s appearance in SNL

[ad_1] Kanye West is helping his alien wife Kim Kardashian prepare for the SNL. The Daily Mail reported that the rapper “quietly advises” Kim by giving her notes on the performance, her opening monologue and even costumes for the show. The publication on Saturday reported that West was photographed at New York’s JFK Airport ahead … Read more