“Peter Grimes” celebrated again at the theater in Vienna

[ad_1] October 17, 2021 © APA / APA / Theater an der Wien / Monica Rittershaus The British Festival in Vienna continues: after the Neue Oper recently succeeded with the composer’s latest work, “Death in Venice”, the Vienna Theater continued the first major British opera on Saturday night – “Peter Grimes”. The original premiere of … Read more

Carinthia stops vaccinations from Johnson & Johnson «

[ad_1] The federal government recommended that the proposal end. The corresponding quota is still available for re-vaccinations. from Thomas Martinz | October 6, October 16, 2021 × The article is marked In the reading list you can always find marked articles to remember. You can access the reading list directly through page navigation. Keep reading … Read more

KAC meets Leksand in the 1/8 finals of the KHL

[ad_1] Sports In the first 1/16 finals of the KHL EC AS will meet with the Swedish club “Lexand” IF. The first match will take place on November 16 or 17, the second match on November 23 or 24. 10/15/2021 12:49 PM Online today, 12.49. The 1/16 final debutant of KAC will meet the Swedish … Read more

E-ATX with wide cooling: Is the Z690 AORUS Master from Gigabyte

[ad_1] For Intel Alder Lake S processors, new motherboards are inevitably required due to a socket change to the LGA1700, including Intel 600 chipsets. The flagship chipset is the Z690-PCH, which supports not only RAM but also CPU overclocking. further Twitter Now there is an image of the Gigabyte Z690 AORUS Master, which reveals many … Read more

This year we should expect a serious flu epidemic

[ad_1] Doctors expect a particularly strong flu epidemic this year. But other viruses are also growing. Vaccination could be done, late October and early November – the best time for this. Austria. Monica Riddleberger-Fritz is a virologist at the Vienna Medical University. At a press conference, she explains why this year urgently advises to get … Read more

“You give a cell phone” -12-year-old in Linz

[ad_1] A 12-year-old girl from the Linz Land area was asked at 7:10 a.m. at Langgasse in Linz, on the way to school, by two previously unknown parents with the words “Give them a cell phone” to give them a cell phone. As the student did not comply with it, one of the criminals pushed … Read more

“Inner Land”: Kinonoch with Ruzhavitsky in Linz

[ad_1] Today, the Oscar winner (“Counterfeiters”) visits the city cinema in Linz to personally present his work on the night of the OÖN cinema. “Hinterland” takes place in the dark times after the monarchy in which Ruzhavitsky puts his main actor, the Viennese Muratan Musla (“Amschlag”), in the role of Peter Perg, who returned to … Read more

RB Salzburg extends to young Croatian star Simic until 2025 – football

[ad_1] Photo: © GEPA Salzburg – Sunday, 10.10.2021, 11:01 Red Bull champion Salzburg connects the club with a long-term hope. As the Red Bulls announced on Sunday, they are giving the 18-year-old Croatian striker Roko Simic a contract until June 30, 2025. Simic, the son of former Croatian national team player Dario Simic, came to … Read more

New rock patterns could change the history of the moon

[ad_1] The moon did not cool down as fast as previously thought. in Volcanoes on the moon have been active much longer than previously thought. Evidence of this are the new samples of rocks taken last year for the first time in 4 decades by a Chinese space probe. Chang 5 were delivered to the … Read more