What is quantum medicine and what tools does it use?

[ad_1] In conversation with Newspapers, Dr. Florelbo Mendoza has confirmed that quantum medicine uses techniques such as enzyme therapy and crystal therapy to address any condition, including COVID-19. Photo: Biofeedback Although it has existed for decades and yields notable results in a short time, quantum medicine is still unknown to many Venezuelans. Known in other … Read more

“Insurers should be responsible for Hidroituango”: Ivan Duque – El Colombiana

[ad_1] “Insurers should be responsible for Hidroituango”: Ivan DukeColombian Duque has confirmed that insurers must pay policies in HidroituangoRepublic “From Hydroituang can not fight political sensitivity”: Duke during a visit to AntioquiaBlue radio Duque on Hidroituango: needs to be completed to avoid risks for companies in Medellin and “Insurers must pay for emergencies in … Read more

HERE, logic puzzle | Viral Call TODAY | October 2021 | Not everyone can overcome this problem: there are play buttons in the image, and you have to find them | Visual Riddle | MEXICO

[ad_1] New visual puzzle!! The one we present to you is the one that has been all over the world online because of its high level of complexity. You will have a great time, we assure you. No wonder it is a success Facebook and other social networks! You need to find the play buttons … Read more

WhatsApp Delta: where to download the latest version of APK | Applications | Download | YOWhatsApp | Smartphone Android | ннда | nnni | SPOR-PLAY

[ad_1] If you are a repeat user of the app WhatsApp on your Android and iOS mobile phone, as we inform you that some users have decided to download the modified program from the instant messaging program: this Delta WhatsApp. What is the difference between APK and where to download it? What is it Delta … Read more

Veterinary Market | SWOT -market analysis, market research methodology and forecast for 2031 – Sportlepsia

[ad_1] New statistical studies by Veterinary Market 2021 It will show you the latest industry information on future trends, product research and service analysis, allowing you to penetrate deep into the high-impact keyword market. The Veterinary Market Report provides an in-depth analysis of the entire industrial market. This research report focuses on key players, … Read more

Why Anif asks to think about abolishing the use of the mask in the open air – Sectors – Economy

[ad_1] In the midst of economic recovery in the country, National Association of Financial Institutions (Anif) He recommended expanding the flexibility of restrictive measures taken in the pandemic. To this end, she proposed capacity-building and discussions on the abolition of compulsory use. face mask open. (You may also be wondering: Why is higher inflation not … Read more

Vigna Machado of Masterchef (RCN) calls for the victory of Lis Pereira

[ad_1] Viña Machado did not hide his feelings afterwards Pereira’s Fox was evaluated by the judges of the program when cooking pork. In the previous section, the comedian could not present a drug with the same ingredient, so this time she was retaliated against. Read also However, the actress wouldn’t have liked it if Pereira … Read more

The nation signs new “offshore” oil contracts in the Caribbean Finance | Economics

[ad_1] National Hydrocarbon Agency (ANH) and Anadarko Colombia has signed four contracts for the exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the Colombian Caribbean, with investment commitments of approximately $ 1.4 billion. According to ANH President Jose Armando Zamora, “The four signed agreements make up the third exploration hub, which is added to the two developing … Read more