German muse Karel Gotha († 80): baby is waiting!

[ad_1] A muse who wrote Karel Goth many years ago († 80), who now even regularly carry babies carried on their bellies, they release famous fairy tales, including the cult children’s series “My Bee”. The sexy blonde hid her pregnancy for a long time, but eventually she found out the truth. Offspring awaits with her … Read more

Cheap iPhones 13 have disappeared from stores

[ad_1] Both cheaper iPhones can be found in domestic stores rarely. If vendors already have the device in stock, it’s usually more expensive options with more storage, which isn’t too interesting, or they have a lower unit of pieces available for immediate purchase. Although Apple itself states on its official website that it can process … Read more

Cold silence around Zagor: Wagner and Harapes broke the silence

[ad_1] “Unfortunately, I’ve felt it a few times.” betrayed by Shine Karel Wagner (79). Hannah Zagorava in fact, he fought with blood clotting from his youth and therefore must be under constant professional supervision. This is one of the reasons why the famous composer is confident that even his longtime friend will eventually avoid these … Read more

Mol, Sorum – Perusic, Schweiner 2: 0, Perusic and Schweiner did not reach the title in the World Cup final

[ad_1] Beach volleyball players Ondrej Perusic (left) and David Schweiner in action (illustration) OBO 2021 / Vlastimil Vacek,, That’s right Perusic and Schweiner won all four matches in the group in the tournament, they also managed in the semifinals, but this time failed to catch up with Mola and Serum. Among other things, they lost … Read more