A large genetic taboo – derStandard.at

[ad_1] A few weeks ago, the last book of the dead physicist Stephen Hawking was released in March. Titled "Short answers to important questions," in the lives of most famous scientists in the world to deal with some of the biggest challenges facing mankind. This, he listed new opportunities for direct intervention in human DNA. … Read more

Fighting AIDS: HIV testing week in Bavaria

[ad_1] According to the Bavarian Ministry of Health too many people live in a free state even with HIV without knowing it. Between virus infection and diagnosis by a doctor years often pass away. AIDS infection: especially young people who are at risk Therefore it is important to be tested so that the health minister … Read more

The first children born with designer genes – News

[ad_1] Giant turmoil in Hong Kong: Gene researchers Hey Jiankui from Shenzhen today announced the organizer of the international conference of genetic engineering feeling known. On Tuesday, the conference will take place. "Two beautiful little Chinese girl named Lula and Nana came weeping and healthy, just like any other baby was born a few weeks … Read more

Diabetes fight kids | free press

[ad_1] Rock climbing, dancing, athletics – 14-year-old Michelle Reinhardt from Coswig loves sports and movement problems. But they should be careful with it. For patients with diabetes, their efforts quickly leads to hypoglycemia. And it can be life threatening. She knows that risk, because for seven years, she has this disease. "Michelle is very well … Read more

Diabetes: Insulin increases the demand worldwide

[ad_1] / Skyfotostock, stock.adobe.com Palo Alto – a global epidemic of diabetes increases the demand for insulin. This need, according to the calculations in Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology (2018; DOI: 10.1016 / S2213-8587 (18) 30303-6) 2030 to the year to increase by about 20%. All people with type 1 diabetes must inject insulin, if they … Read more

An incurable disease may be the cause

[ad_1] Widespread ignorance of COPD disease: Initial symptoms often do not perceive the suras & # 39; ozna Now in the cold season a persistent cough often do not take enough suras & # 39; ozna or attributed to an existing flu or cold. But the symptoms can be caused by a previously incurable endemic: … Read more