Big Brother: Agony “turned red” – this player is gone (Video)

[ad_1] Big Brother: The next broadcast of the SKAI reality show is over, and one player is gone. In today’s Big Brother live at 22.00 Grigoris Gantaras and Natalia Kakava, in whose comments Aphrodite Grammelli was always with her, wanted to put us in the middle of the events of the week, the causes of … Read more

“Premiere” of fuel oil: the price is increased by 46% – Oligizakis: Winter will be hard | HELL

[ad_1] Mr. Janis Oligizakis, President of the Association of Companies, is convinced that this winter will be difficult for Greek households due to rising prices for fuel oil as well as natural gas and electricity through Hellenic Petroleum Trading (SEEPE) and CEO of ELINOIL. ARTICLE CONTINUES AFTER ADVERTISING Recent market data seem to confirm … Read more

NASA: Unbelievable, but true! An astronaut is trapped in space for a year

[ad_1] Last year with the Covid-19 flash was one of three astronauts left on the ISS Being alone space it’s not something simple, so many days out there definitely won’t be as enjoyable. According to o Chris Cassidy recently said goodbye to fellow NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Benken on a historic mission … Read more

Arnautoglu: Severe weather is coming – in which areas it will snow

[ad_1] It will be tougher bad weather soon due to “Athena“It has hit the country in recent days. Read more, meteorologist, Sakis Arnautaglu talked about the news deteriorating with the weather which will even bring snowfall to the north. New bad weather will arrive in a country with possible intense and potentially dangerous weather events … Read more

With 7 bafos in one photo!

[ad_1] Posts by some Big Brother players on social media should not … exist. Older brother: Eudakia uploaded a photo to social networks with seven baphos in her hand, causing “questions”. Many negative comments were heard in this year’s Big Brother. The number of viewers has reached the “bottom”, while the negative messages conveyed by … Read more

How many years has Olympiacos played in such a defense?

[ad_1] The victory is important, but so is the image of the fresh, dynamic and full of energy Olympiacos, which threw “Real” on the ropes of SEF. Janice Fileris writes about the second victory of the “red and whites”, who do not allow to miss a single ball. Olympiacos had three years to beat Real … Read more

NASA – Perseverance is moving in a large ancient lake on Mars

[ad_1] The first scientific analysis of images sent from Mars to Earth by the robotic rover “Sustainability” of the US Space Agency (NASA), confirms the initial assumptions of scientists that the empty crater Lake in which it moves, was once a large lake fed by 3 delta raki billion years ago. Today there is no … Read more