Scam with bills, never listen to this letter: they clear our account

[ad_1] Rising prices are not the only danger in the bill. The new email scam aims to steal our money for fear of unpaid bills. Photo: Pixabay Times of rising utility prices mean problems for portfolios. First of all, because the historical moment is far from favorable for the increase of accounts, given the current … Read more

double return from Fat and Casey, Diaval above-

[ad_1] from Alessandra Bocci Under the gates of Caprara and Barak in the first half, Milan also loses to Rebic. But in the second half, Giroud and Castilleja wake up, and the Rossoneri return to the top for one night. Empty time and another pyrotechnics. Milan, one step away from the first defeat in the … Read more

diet does not affect this pathology

[ad_1] Vegetarians with a specific disease can sigh with relief. A diet without meat is not a health hazard. Pixabay I am vegetarians they follow a certain diet exclude meat and fish but it allows the consumption of animal products such as eggs and milk. So these are unlimited recommendations, such as a vegan diet, … Read more

the voice that pushes the holy chambers, Libero Quotidian

[ad_1] Strengthened by the results of the last election, Enrico Leto tips Mario Draghi. The leader of the Democratic Party is no longer afraid of voting, and the fastest way to achieve it is to send the prime minister straight to the Quirinal. This is the “A” plan of the new parliamentarian, convinced that he … Read more

Territorial continuity, negotiation procedure: Volotea offers the best deals

[ad_1] Only Ita and Spanish agility companies submit bids COLORS. Volotea and Ita presented their proposals to the offices of the regional transport administration on a new procedure for the appointment of territorial continuity after the failure of the tender, in which two companies participated, and then excluded for various reasons. Volotea offers are more … Read more

Sold out Milan derby? The ad is broadcast live

[ad_1] Italian stadiums are expected to reopen today 75%. Another small step towards a return to normal life is also in the world of sports. Starting with Euro -2020 we have rebuilt to appreciate the importance of the public and understand that football and players first and foremost need fans. For this reason, we look … Read more

WhatsApp presents a fantastic novelty regarding (again) voice messaging

[ad_1] Another WhatsApp update for voice messaging. A great feature will be available soon that will give users even more features WhatsApp is updated and introduces another novelty for voice messaging (Adobe Stock) Updates keep coming WhatsApp. The messaging platform is also and above all known for its tremendous efforts by developers. Now new features … Read more