A llama who catches the Crown? … the “nanomaterial” comes out of a natural immune response

llama [파이낸셜뉴스] Can a llama called “American Camel” give an answer to COVID-19? According to foreign media on the 24th, researchers from the Rosalyn Franklin Institute at the University of Reading, UK, published the results of a study of the immune system found in some animals, including llamas, in the international academic journal Nature Communications. … Read more

BTS, "Great class, the airport is thriving!" [공항] – Sending / sending

BTS, “Great class, the airport is breathtaking!” [공항]  Sending / Sending [사진]BTS Suga, “Returning Home Listening to Music” – Chosun IlbaChosun Ilba BTS V-Jungkook “The strongest visual even in the early morning”[★포토]  Star news “The place I’m going to is the runway,” BTS said [O! STAR] – Chosun IlbaChosun Ilba [사진]BTS RM, “Greetings with a slightly tired … Read more

Asus produces laptops and PCs “all in one”, optimized for business

Summary of the article“ExpertBook B5302” laptop and “M3700” multifunction computer released [서울=뉴시스]Expert Book B5302. [서울=뉴시스] Correspondent Lee Zhe Ying = ASUS has officially introduced the exclusive “ExpertBook B5302” laptop and the “universal” computer “M3700”, optimized for the business environment, and began selling them on the open market. The new products are a laptop only for … Read more

“nonsense”, infringed by the game of memories … Drama “Squid game” hobby / JTBC Newsroom – JTBC News

“nonsense”, infringed by the game of memories … Drama “Moral Game” / JTBC NewsroomJTBC News No Netflix … The “squid game” is raging in China – Chosun IlbaChosun Ilba [뉴스큐] The “squid game” rages during the holidays … The whole world is also missing / YTNYTN News “Lee Dong Hee’s girlfriend” Chon Ho Yong, a … Read more

[알고보니] Is the increase in electricity tariffs due to the “rapid shutdown of nuclear energy”? (2021.09.23 / News / MBC) – MBCNEWS

[알고보니] Is the increase in electricity tariffs due to the “rapid shutdown of nuclear weapons”? (2021.09.23 / News / MBC)MBCNEWS The waist is bent in connection with the “nuclear energy bill”. Electricity tariffs will increase for the first time in 8 years – Seoul Economic DailySeoul Economic Daily “Electricity tariffs will not increase even if … Read more