Leprosy was first discovered in wild chimpanzees. Abroad

[ad_1] The origin of the infection in monkeys is not yet clear. Scientists suspect that the chimpanzee contracted leprosy when in contact with humans. But this needs further investigation. Studies show that strains are different and unusual in humans. It is still unclear whether this form can be passed from apes to humans. Ⓒ Kimberly … Read more

A rescue operation for a rare plant near Epe

[ad_1] In the reserve Visselse Veen near Epe this afternoon were planted cuttings of small valerian, which is endangered. The environmental organization Geldersch Landscape and Castles (GLK) is talking about success. “Thanks to this project, the little valerian in Wieselse Vienna has received a serious impetus.” Valerian (Valeriana dioica) was previously common in the Netherlands, … Read more

Clap Keys van der Speck: “I was in emotion.” TV

[ad_1] Premium The best of De Telegraaf The door Patricia Corti Updated yesterday, 5:22 p.m.Yesterday, 11:30 y TV Keys van der Speck in Nigeria. Ⓒ EndemolShine Netherlands Keys van der Speck visited the city and (abroad) in the new season The fraudsters dared. It begins with the story of former dancer Chadwa Pollock, set up … Read more

Former gymnasts Koehler and Godkop: “Compensation is not proportional to suffering”

[ad_1] Van Zanen said that since 2010 the offices in Papendal have reported misconduct in gymnastics. “For many years, we assumed that this was an individual violation, and therefore could not determine whether there were structural abuses,” – said the president. “There were reports and signals,” Koehler said. “When such noises reach the sports dome, … Read more

Equipment information

[ad_1] Equipment information uses cookies Equipment information is part of DPG Media. Our websites and applications use cookies, JavaScript and similar technologies, among others, to provide you with an optimal user experience. It also allows us to record and analyze visitor behavior and add this information to visitor profiles. Cookies can be used to display … Read more