Some vaccines protect for life. Why don’t Covid-19 vaccines do this?

[ad_1] Measles vaccines protect for life, chickenpox vaccinations – from 10 to 20 years, and tetanus vaccine – a decade or more. Why the Covid-19 amp is needed six months after the initial vaccination tries to explain an article in the Wall Street Journal. “A really good vaccine keeps people from getting infected, even when … Read more

How dangerous are COVID hospitals? Nelu Tataru: “Romanian hospitals are prepared for ordinary situations, not for some crises” – News sources

[ad_1] Nelu Tataru, Florin Sitsu, a health adviser, claims that hospitals in Romania are not prepared for crises, but for ordinary ones, and clarified that if a specialist is excluded from politics, we cannot have quality medical activities in any hospital. On Saturday on Digi 24 Nela Tataru was asked if hospitals in Romania are … Read more

OVERVIEW Mercursys Halo H50G – Wi-Fi for people with big houses

[ad_1] Florin Cachotta Wi-Fi and wireless internet are great. You have the ability to connect and a minimum of devices and cables through the house, but it’s not always perfect. A router will work well to provide a decent signal in a studio or two-bedroom home. If you move to a three-, four-room or one-story … Read more

The new treatment destroys cancerous tumors in terminally ill patients. The experience of a 77-year-old man

[ad_1] New treatments for cancer could destroy tumors in the neck and head in terminally ill patients, scientists have found. In the study, a cocktail of immunotherapy drugs used patients ’immune systems to kill cancer cells and increase survival, said researchers at the Cancer Institute (ICR) in London and Royal. Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. The … Read more

VIDEO Cholas, after meeting with Iohannis: He confirmed to us that he had not received any other offer from the Prime Minister that the parties seem to be running away from this responsibility – Politics

[ad_1] USR leader Datsian Cholas said Monday after meeting with Klaus Iohannis that the president had confirmed he had not received any proposals for a prime minister. According to Ciolos, according to Ioganis, it seems that the parties are running away from this responsibility, and the president “was unpleasantly surprised” that there were no discussions … Read more

“The situation is getting worse and we will have other big closures.”

[ad_1] Officials at Stellantis, the world’s sixth-largest carmaker, say they will have to make more and more sacrifices in the coming months. The impact of the semiconductor shortage on Stellantis Group cars in Italy this year will be greater and longer than the damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the Italian trade union … Read more