Amr Diab’s concert in Aqaba angered Jordanians

[ad_1] The concert of Egyptian artist Amr Diab in the oasis of Isla in the governorate of Aqaba has angered many Jordanians for not following preventive measures against the Koran virus. Activists on social networks distributed videos showing a large number of participants in the concert of the Egyptian artist, which took place on Friday … Read more

One of Kia’s most famous cars is with a new look and features

[ad_1] Follow the RT on The new Sorento has attracted the attention of fans of large Kia cars because of the features that this car has acquired, which has made it advanced in terms of technology and distinctive in terms of elegance and design. Externally, Kia designers have added some aesthetic features to the car … Read more

A steady rover finds evidence of past floods on Mars, researchers say

[ad_1] The steady rover, which had been traveling to Mars for months, could not have landed in a more interesting place. Jezero Crater, an area of ​​dry, windswept Martian rock where the rover landed in February, was once a lake that fed on an ancient river whose flooding was so strong it could move rocks, … Read more

Mental health for all Sophia Al-Shehi

[ad_1] On October 10, the World Health Organization launched the World Mental Health Day slogan “Mental Health for All: Let’s Make This Slogan a Reality” as part of its campaign to monitor examples of best practices applied by affected countries. due to the Crown pandemic against the backdrop of major psychological consequences that affected health … Read more

Mukesh Ambani joins secret men’s club, his fortune exceeds $ 100 billion

[ad_1] Asia’s richest man, India’s Mukesh Ambani, has joined Jeff Bezas and Elon Musk at the world’s most exclusive fortune club, whose wealth exceeds $ 100 billion. This came after shares of his company Reliance Industries Ltd. on Friday. jumped to a record high, leaving Ambani’s fortune at $ 100.6 billion, according to the Bloomberg … Read more

Now … Yalla shoots Portugal against Qatar live HD || Watch the match Qatar-Portugal, live broadcast, Yala Shot, today, 9-10-2021-Kura in Al-Orda-in Al-Orda

[ad_1] Now … Yalla shoots Portugal against Qatar live HD || Watch the match Qatar-Portugal, live broadcast, Yala Shot, today, 9-10-2021-Cora in Al Ordain the keel Live broadcast: Watch the match Qatar-Portugal in the qualification of the European Football In the World Cup qualifiers, the Portuguese national team against Ronaldo against Qatarthe seventh day … Read more