Green Slovenian oasis under the hot Dubai sun #video

[ad_1] Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the EXPO 2020 World Exhibition in Dubai opened its doors (only) on October 1 this year. It takes up about as much space as the city of Velenje, and therefore it is impossible to cover all the interesting content that this unique event offers. Interior of the Slovenian pavilion … Read more

Nina after a loud argument: Sorry, I can’t take it anymore

[ad_1] Ambrose and Nina broke the silence and talked about their relationship near the fence. The contestant accused his lover of lack of interest, and she accused him that his words did not correspond to his actions. Later, Nina came face to face with Romana. You can watch the farm on POP TV from Monday … Read more

Business media Bloomberg arrives in Slovenia next year

[ad_1] Bloomberg focuses primarily on economic news. Photo: screenshot It will start operating next year and will have editorial centers in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Northern Macedonia. According to both companies, Bloomberg Adria will present business and financial news and analysis through television, print, digital, mobile and social media. “The Bloomberg Adria … Read more

Rheumatoid arthritis can affect anyone, including children

[ad_1] Rheumatoid arthritis, which can seriously affect the joints and even lead to disability, is not just a disease of the elderly. Therefore, at the first signs you need to contact a rheumatologist as soon as possible and look for information in science, not in rumors that may make you suffer unnecessarily, as shown by … Read more

Slovenians -dreams show buttocks (PHOTOS)

[ad_1] Six months have passed since it ended The man of my dreamsin which they also performed Maria Sheva y Tsesha Kramarych. They fought for their hearts Gregor CheglayDuring the show, they became friends, often photographed together and posted photos online. This time they posted a photo in which they are dressed only in a … Read more

Kardashian took SNL and impressed with jokes at the expense of her family

[ad_1] With a relaxed appearance on Saturday Night Live, the reality star has proven that she can joke at her own expense. She impressed many with statements about her family and ex-husband, but also touched on her looks and intimate shots, which allowed her to be recognizable and catapulted her among the stars. Kim Kardashian … Read more

Suppliers cancel electricity supply contracts! Here’s how to act

[ad_1] According to the information known so far, some suppliers terminate the contracts of their customers due to awareness of the risks associated with improper purchase of electricity, which prevents the relevant suppliers to fulfill the concluded supply contracts, according to the Energy Agency. “Based on information from some market participants and customers and SODO, … Read more