Voice recognition – from the consumer B2B

[ad_1] Not only in the consumer space, however, but more and more in the B2B space, too. Software for voice recognition and interactive devices are beginning to have a big impact on the way we consume and interact with technology, but for the voice recognition technology to achieve a real breakthrough, it should become more … Read more

Apple, launches App Development program for women entrepreneurs and App developers

[ad_1] Apple's, today announced the launch of its new Entrepreneur Camp, which is designed to create new opportunities for managed enterprise applications owned or run by women. Entrepreneur Camp offers an intensive laboratory technique, dedicated support for application developers and continuous mentoring. "Apple is committed to helping more women assume leadership roles throughout the technology … Read more

25 of the best Cyber ​​Monday deals from Costco

[ad_1] If you missed out on Black Friday, have no fear – Costco carry out these hot deals on weekends for in Cyber ​​Monday. Transactions are available at least until Monday, November 26, while supplies last. Some of them may be even longer available. Price and availability can be changed. Selling prices may not yet … Read more

Fortnite Tfue star says, "I never hated this game so much" during the winter Royale aimbotting incidents

[ad_1] By the time he entered the fatal fields, Turner «Tfue» Tenney was in trouble. It was Saturday night, and in the third session of the North American qualifying for the Winter Fortnite Royale, when Tfue was forced to hide in the subscription cornstalks TOEV in. It has just been lazered invisible competitors, draining 100 … Read more

Vivo Y95 VS Vivo Y91: What is the Difference?

[ad_1] The Vivo Y95 and the Vivo Y91 are both affordable smartphones with impressive features and nice body design. They both feature similar design and specifications. We will be comparing the Vivo Y95 with the Vivo Y91 smartphone on this article. vivo Y95 vivo Y91 Vivo Y95 VS Vivo Y91: Design Comparison The Vivo Y95 … Read more

How Red Dead Online could win me back

[ad_1] Red Dead Redemption 2 is a disappointment. After a few dozen hours with the cowboy simulator, I think it is an admirable creation, but I do not enjoy playing it. Now, developer Rockstar Games is preparing to launch its Red Dead Online mode into a beta test tomorrow, November 27, and I'm hopeful all … Read more

Amazon Cyber ​​Monday 2018 deals: Sale now on

[ad_1] kevin Lee 2018 Cyber ​​Monday is now up and running and online discounts are, well, not quite thick and fast, but we are seeing some interesting options popping up for those who want to get their hands on new technology – especially if you want, Echo TV or fire. We see that some drops … Read more

Best offers from the massive sales of the Amazon

[ad_1] Best Deals Amazon Cyber ​​Monday make great gifts. (Photo: Review) – Our review editors and recommend products to help you buy the things you need. If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we can make a small revenue share. However, our choices and opinions with the & # 39 are … Read more