The goal of “Barcelona” – Manchester United, the star of the City; Arsenal duo – 78 million pounds

[ad_1] “Barcelona” wants to get players from “Manchester United” and “Man City”, while “Arsenal” is watching the two strikers … STARLING HEAD IN SPAIN?According to data in Spain, “Barcelona” is trying to sign winger “Man City” Rahim Sterling in the January transfer window. The England national team has recently shrunk following the arrival in the … Read more

A mysterious gap in the protoplanetary disk of the solar system

[ad_1] A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology shows that about 4.567 billion years ago there was a mysterious gap in the protoplanetary disk of the solar system, which probably formed the composition of the planets of the solar system. This image shows the artist’s interpretation of the proplanetary disk. Author: National Science Foundation, … Read more

Watch: Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct, October 2021 – live!

[ad_1] Ready to find out what awaits Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Tie yourself up. Today, fans are waiting for a special live stream specifically for New Horizons, which offers information on new content that goes into play in November. Nintendo says it will take about 20 minutes, which is a pretty decent chunk of time … Read more

Liverpool News and Transfers Live – The Pursuit of Charles De Quettaler, Link to Joao Felix, Todd Cantwell’s Eyes

[ad_1] The Reds called for a “brilliant” deal with Salah Mohamed Salah from Liverpool (Image: Jose Manuel Alvarez / Quality Sports Images / Getty Images) Liverpool have to keep Mohamed Salah for another two years on a contract of £ 300,000 a week, according to football football expert Kieran Maguire. Citing an Independent statement last … Read more

Selenium Foods: Brazil nuts may increase the risk of heart attack

[ad_1] The selenium content in Brazil nuts also strongly correlates with the support of normal thyroid function. For those who have an inactive thyroid, there is new evidence to suggest that selenium intake may improve thyroid function and thus enhance mood and immune protection. In addition, the data show that consuming nuts from Brazil can … Read more