Daughter exposes mother’s crime – taste of friendship – part 2 – VTV Go

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Check the house. Football commentary Colombia vs. Ecuador. Football forecast today – newspaper “Sport and Culture”

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2 couples take air, but where is Winnie?

[ad_1] On October 12, Dong Ni posted a photo of a gathering of close friends at the 32nd anniversary celebration. On her personal page, the singer eagerly: “Congratulations on Winnie’s mother’s birthday, love her family!”. As the mother of one child, Dong Ni placed a place to register simply, put a cake on the table, … Read more

Buses to and from Ho Chi Minh City are expected to open on October 13

[ad_1] It is expected that passenger buses of stationary routes to and from Ho Chi Minh City from the beginning of tomorrow will become pilot, the minimum frequency of trips is 5%, guests must meet the requirements for epidemic prevention. The contents mentioned in the piloting of the long-distance passenger cars of the fixed route … Read more

Less than 2 weeks after 3 births, the Korean beauty weighing 104 kilograms released a clip of joyful dancing, behind the skirt was clearly visible big second round.

[ad_1] On September 27, Korean beauty Hwang Shin Yang received countless congratulations after a successful birth, giving birth to 3 beautiful babies. During pregnancy, the beauty gained 44 kg, reached 104 kg and had to move in a wheelchair. After the birth, Hwang Shin Yang constantly updated the health of 4 mothers and daughters on … Read more