India is on the verge of a power crisis – a Hindu

[ad_1] India is on the brink of a power crisisHindu Coal supply has improved, stocks enough to cope with any crisis: Coal India chair | ExclusiveIndia today Coal India refrains from holding any electronic auctions until the situation stabilizesMint The energy sector needs a complete overhaulBusinessLine Opinion | Thermal power plants have small fuel reserves, … Read more

Kalei from the FaZe clan is banned on Twitch

[ad_1] FaZe Clan’s only content creator, Kaley, has been banned on Twitch. The news came as a big surprise to many, including Kaley herself. The bot, which has nothing to do with the Twitch ban, Streamer Bans, tweeted that Kaley had been banned earlier today. Prior to the ban, Kaley broadcast Twitch daily and usually … Read more

The iconic architecture of Africa in 12 buildings

[ad_1] Written by Ijeoma NdukweBBC News Image source Adil Dalbay While Egypt’s pyramids are recognized worldwide, much of Africa’s architecture remains unknown – architects Adil Dalbay and Livingston Mukasa hope to change. They are part of a team that recently published a seven-volume Architectural Guide to sub-Saharan Africa. Their in-depth study spans buildings from earlier … Read more

Balmain director Olivier Rusting shared a moving message about the injuries from the fireplace explosion: “I was ashamed”

[ad_1] Olivier Rustein was injured last year after a home fireplace exploded. The creative director of the French fashion house Balmain, Olivier Rustein, spoke about the extensive burns he received last year when a fireplace explosion left him in hospital. A photo in his Instagram feed, taken shortly after the incident, shows that his entire … Read more

UK business minister defends wage stance, says BoE can cope with inflation

[ad_1] UK Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Kwassi Quarteng addresses the media in Westminster, London, UK, 21 September 2021 REUTERS / Hannah McKay LONDON, Oct 10 (Reuters) – The UK government is right to focus on raising wages, Business Minister Kwasi Quarteng said on Sunday, expressing confidence in the Bank of … Read more