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14 years suffers from a strange disease after your cat scratched | United States | viral | unusual | history


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A unique medical case that went all over the world. A well-known medical journal Journal of central nervous system diseases He shared an unusual event messages in a hospital in the United States of America (USA). A teenager who suddenly began suffer symptoms of psychotic episodes no history of mental illness. event viral among users of social networks.

14-year-old was in good condition. But in October 2015 he suddenly began to show some mental health problemsShe had suicidal thoughts because he was afraid to kill a few & # 39; u and friends. He also developed a large number of phobias and fears that the cat will kill it something & # 39; S.

He was hospitalized in a psychiatric emergency unit US hospitals, drawn with antipsychotic drugs. Unfortunately, the symptoms ofThey ontinuaron 18 months more.

Which lasted for the diagnosis, the doctor said that the child He was the kind of grooves along the thighs and underarms. On this track, they began to investigate whether and suffered an infection.

The analysis gave a positive result Bartonella henselaeType of bacteria associated with infection that often shrinks from the bite or cat scratch. Indeed, some & # 39; I was a child living with two adopted stray cats.

As a bacterial infection treated with antibiotics, adolescent mental health He fully recovered, Doctors believe that the bacterium was the trigger psychotic breakdown.

Pediatric acute onset of a neuropsychiatric syndrome (PANS for short) is a clinical diagnosis, which is given by children having a sharp and sudden development of neuropsychiatric symptoms. PANS cause is unknown in most cases, but it is believed to cause infections and other inflammatory reactions.

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