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5 details that maybe you spent at the Battle of Winterfell


long nightThe third chapter of the eighth season game of thrones It was the one that had the fans of the series to the edge of the seat, with clenched fists and shaking his foot compulsively. More than in any other battle of the saga, there is at any time a character we could go.

battle of WinterfellHe was known as an armed conflict between the army alive, led by John Snow and Daenerys Targaryen and the dead, at king night, It lasted 82 minutes of grueling, in which we see often with horror all enemy attacks and suffer every time the flame of hope swallowed by the night.

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That is why among the oppressed die seeing one of our heroines and heroes, and any technical problems associated with the transfer, you can you have passed some of the subtleties that raise this episode as more than one of the most epic battles, which issued a TV.

This article is full spoilers Chapter 03 × 08 GRT, if you have not seen, I recommend that you then read what follows, as it shows a few key points. Advance in accordance with its criteria. This is when the first fire Teona Greyzhoy. Lyanna and Jorah Mormont. Melisandrein king night and his dragon Viserionin Beric Dondarrion and Eddison Tollet.

dagger Arya

He was the MVP of the day, the key player who turned the match in stoppage time. We're talking about a large movement of Ar & # 39; Ian StarkWho won king night mm, which can operate in Crow Tres Ojos and did it with a cross, which has great historical weight Västerås.

If you've been following the story closely, you probably remember that Dagger what happened Branagh her sister, when she came to WinterfellIn the seventh season in the same place where he had killed the king of the night. But that's not all.

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The gun came into the hands of young Stark thanks Petyr Baelishwho seized Stark week in the first season, when the latter was accused of treason. And as he swept leading headless Winterfell? Through self Meñique, this will be the last Rodrik Cassel when he reached Catelyn Stark King's Landing in search of a man who made an attempt on Bran's at the beginning of the series.

And, drumroll, Catelyn was with a dagger, because it was so They tried to kill Bran when she became bedridden after being pushed by Jaime Lannister in the first part.

chapter title

long night or long night Is the name of the head and applies not only to the conflict, developed under the moonlight in the frozen north of Westeros.

that with & # 39 is the phrase used maestres and scribes Västerås refer to this event took place thousands of years before Aegon the Conqueror set foot on the continent, and began a dynasty unknown until now.

This is the longest winter was adopted, and was caused by the first king of the night in an attempt to conquer the rest of the continent. In the absence of John, Dani and dragons to cope, managers were Forest Children and the First Men, With the first term night GuardWho was known as the Battle Dawn.

This is the story Old Nan Votruba & # 39; e, when it is embodied after pressed.

The similarity of the Rings

Interestingly, George RR Martin wrote Song Ice and flame almost as a response to the traditional fantasy whose best exponents with & # 39 is Lord of the rings. Series created J.R.R. Tolkien and his film adaptation was carried out by Peter Jackson, who collected a few links to work SapochnikDirector chapter.

In an interview with & # 39; nd held in Indiuayre, the director, who also shot hardhome, Bastards and battle head winter winds He Sincero, which relied heavily on the two towersThe second film of the trilogy, which is under the command of the army fight against Aragorn's Uruk-hai at Helm.

plans as the hiding civilians and people unfit to fight in the underground, in this case, the crypt; climbing walls invaders and people's reactions; and way of shooting action After the picture from left to right, when the bad guys and he focused right on the protagonist in numerous initial push, some of the ideas that the director did on their own. Recently, in order to facilitate control of the battle will be removed at night.

Ar & # 39; yang with & # 39; is to win

Despite the fact that it was known that Ar & # 39; Yang was an experienced soldier, having spent most of PRTA learn Syrio Forel. dog. Jaqen H & # 39; gharin White and Black House in Braavos and the last time BrienneHe was not one of the main cards to destroy the King of the Night.

Valyrio steel has been known as the main character, he even suggested that to happen with fire hearse and Rhaegal, or if it will end in a confrontation with the ball between good and evil villain played by John. But none of this. While the story is already planted enough seeds to make it fully consistent with she replies when we Sapochnik statements and references Lord of the ringsWe can also see that there is a parallel there.

in return of the KingIn the final battle, when King Nazgul riding on a dragon, he seems to kill King Theoden unprotected, saying, strange as it does Arya, with & # 39 is EowynA young nobleman who this prevented him from being part of the army to be a woman.

In the history of Tolkien, no one could kill range, so the villain could not understand how a warrior who was wearing a helmet and had a front may be damaged. As long as an iconic moment, it sends can not be removed, and discover his identity and says "but I'm not a man. "

Sentences with history

«Stick & # 39; em with pointed ends," something like "Hit them with a sharp tip" It is a phrase that says her sister Sansa Arya happens when the gun and hide in the basement, the same lesson that gives John in Arya if in the first season, he baptized his first sword of the needle, the needle.

But it is not alone. at the meeting Melisandre with Arya, when it was surpassed by all the enemies of Winterfell, and remember that the Red Witch tells her when they met in the third season, and that is a shocking final sequence.

"Brown eyes, blue eyes and blue eyes, those who will permanently close". Omen came true after the murder of the king of the night Arya, who has blue eyes. as a whole call back for fans and crown the poetic chapters full of references to the same series and covers many topics of history that began years ago.

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